Check number of spelling errors in text


I want to apply some validation on a text entry to prevent meaningless entry. In my application there are some mandatory fields, but people are typing meaningless data to bypass it. So I was thinking of counting words and if less then X words display an error. I would also want to spell check the text and if the error count is too high, i would also display an error.
I know how to integrate Ms Word spell checking in my program, but I don't know how to count spell errors.
I know this would not be perfect, but it better than nothing.

Anyone have ideas?
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hqdevAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link but,
has I said, I already know how to spell check a text box, what I can't find is a way to COUNT spell check errors.
This article show how to spell check a text as I already  have in my program.
Dim WordApp As New Word.Application

Dim rngRange As Word.Range
rngRange = WordApp.ActiveDocument.Range
        Dim SpellCollection As Word.ProofreadingErrors
        SpellCollection = rngRange.SpellingErrors
        If SpellCollection.Count > 0 Then
            Dim iword As Integer
            Dim newWord As String
            For iword = 1 To SpellCollection.Count
                If SpellCollection.Item(iword).Text <> TextBox2.Text Then
                    newWord = SpellCollection.Item(iword).Text
                    If ListBox1.FindStringExact(newWord) < 0 Then
                    End If
                End If
        End If
        Me.Text = "Word Spelling-Checker"

Place TextBox and Listbox on form, its better then previous solution

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hqdevAuthor Commented:
Great! That works like a charm.
Another thing, my application works in french and english, do you happen to know how to specify the language of the spell checker?

Thanks a lot.
hqdevAuthor Commented:
I found how to specify the language:

rngRange.LanguageID = Word.WdLanguageID.wdFrenchCanadian

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