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I have created a C# Class which exposes among other things some basic IO functions which I want to consume through a classic ASP page.  Basically I have everything working on the Dev machine.  I have selected "Register for COM Interop" in the Build options for the project and I am able to consume the class from ASP.  What I need to know now is what I do when it needs to be released onto the web server.  Obviously I can't run a Build from the IDE because the software doesn't exist on the machine I need it to reside on.  I have read that you can manually register using the "regasm" tool but it's not working for me.

The way I've tested it is to say:

regasm TDSCom.dll /unregister

This then unregisters the class (as it was registered already from the IDE build) and everything stops working...Perfect.  THEN I say:

regasm TDSCom.dll

The feedback says that it has registered with no problems but when I go to use the Class from my ASP page it falls over.  BUT, if I go back into the IDE and build the project again, with the "Register for COM Interop" option still checked, everything works again.

Is there something besides the "regasm" part that the IDE performs when registering a Class for COM Interop..?
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TDSnetAuthor Commented:
Nice one.
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