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can read a file, can't put

A colleague recently moved our Dreamweaver maintained web site from an outside server to our new web server in our dmz.  Now, when I need to modify a file I can check it out (remote view), make changes but get an ftp error when I attempt to 'put' the file back (check in).  I have tried using ws_ftp to overwrite, but get an error.

Curious: If the file I ftp, or 'put', does not exist on the server all is ok.  To get some changes done I've renamed the server version of the file, then checked in the page I'm working on with no problem.  I can also use ws_ftp to copy a new file.

I've checked IIS and though I'm no guru it looks like write permissions are set.

Any ideas?
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Jason C. Levine
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Delete permissions?  In home directory for Ftp I have read and write set.  In directory security I have grant access set.
I'm not an IIS expert, so I don't know exactly why your config is wrong.  The short version is that if WS_FTP fails too, this isn't a DW problem.  I'd ask Community Support to move this question to the IIS Topic Area or post a pointer question there...those experts will fix it in a hurry
Hi mrichmon,

I still believe this question was posted in the wrong area.  I would vote for delete and refund if midi152 has given up.  If he/she is active, maybe move it to IIS?
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I'm the colleague that moved the website.  The actual reason that FTP put commands failed was because the NTFS permissions were set to read-only.  This happened because I copied over the website from a DVD.

Thanks to all that did their best to help my co-worker out.

Please close this post.
Hi folks,

In light of the above, my first post is the correct answer...