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Outlook 2002 has .pst 1.8 gig and app wont open anymore

Im wondering will uninstalling Outlook 2002 and loading Outlook 2003 and then importing the .pst cure the issue as it uses Unicode?
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Outlook 2003 does NOT convert the PST file to unicode format - it will continue using it in whatever format it is in.  IF you want it in Unicode you have to create a new file and copy the contents to the new file.

Have a look over this:
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I did a repair and the ap said "only minor problems exist ......... you dont need to repair"
I hadnt time to complete the repair when on site ......... was the end of the day.  

Its possible the Outlook itself is corrupt and a new Outlook will cure it.

If i need to split the 1.8 gig file are there third party free tools or good $ ones to do this?

Greetings, worded !

Your issue is that you cannot open Outlook 2002.  Why do you think it is due to PST file?  The problem could be Outlook or an addin or a corrupted Outlook file.

If you want to continue using Outlook 2002, the pst file may be corrupt. Repair it with ScanPST or other following utilities.
Outlook Recovery   Demo recovery

Repair a 2GB Outlook Personal Folder

Best wishes!
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Try the command line switch at start > run - outlook /regserver (and ok). If it does not work, give the entire path to outlook.exe and see. If another application is conflicting or there is a corruption, this should fix it. Then archive email older than 6 months so that the pst is ok.
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upul007  re previous post: What does that do? run - outlook /regserver
It rewrites the registry entries which relate to outlook. Refer . The thing is if it is another program that is causing this, this will resolve the issue. Otherwise you will need to take copies of your '*.pst' files as backup and remove 2002 completely, install office 2003 and import the emails from the pst's in to it.
worded, any update?