HTML question

Trying to control a header.  Wrote an user control which is nothing but an html table and rows are added dynamically based on an ado reader.  The user control is a menu the drops down a list relative to what the user hovers via java script mouseover and mouseout.  Pretty much standard menu stuff.  

What I want to do know is place it on default page in the top center.  The problem I have is when I place it in a table or a div (the user control) the div or table expands to length of the drop down menu.  When this happened everything gets pushed down and the page gets distorted.
How can I keep this from happening?

Below is some code I have to date.

<body class="body">
            <div align="center" id="headerDiv" style= "MARGIN-TOP: 0px; DISPLAY: block; FLOAT: left; WIDTH: 765px; HEIGHT: 67px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #f2f2f1">
                  <div id="MainHeader">
                        <P><uc1:headermenu1 id="HeaderMenu11" runat="server" ></uc1:headermenu1></P>
            <form class="table" id="Form1" method="post" runat="server">
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<div align="center" id="headerDiv" style= "MARGIN-TOP: 0px;.....

wrong syntax, please remove the spaces arround =
Rickyc1Author Commented:

Didn't help.  

How can I put a user control in a container and have the container fix in length?  So when the user control opens it doesn't expand the container its in?
Or should I have a totally different approach?
sorry, I don't understand what your mean 'cause your posted code in't 100% HTML
It also misses the CSS settings you used.

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