Norton will not uninstall. Please help.

VenezuelanGirl used Ask the Experts™
Hi all !

Every time we turn on our computer, it halts. We suppose that, either Norton has something to do with this, or we have a hardware problem.

So we turn on the computer using safe mode. This works. Then we try to uninstall Norton (control panel -> add/remove programs, etc.). When we try to uninstall it this way, we get the following error:

"Setup has detected that a previous install or uninstall has been completed but requires a restart."  etc. And we cannot uninstall it.

I have 2 questions:

1) How can I actually uninstall Norton?

2) If I *cannot* enter Windows under Regular mode, but I *can* enter under Safe mode... can I discard the possibility that this is in fact a *hardware* problem?

PS. I have Windows XP and Norton 2006.

Thank you so much in advance!
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Dear VenezuelanGirl,
You can use Windows Installer Cleanup utility to uninstall it.

Check the below articles

Hope this helps


Try this tool from Symantec
Using the Norton Removal Tool
The Norton Removal Tool uninstalls all Norton 2007/2006/2005/2004/2003 products from your computer.
This procedure requires that you use Internet Explorer. If you have this page open in any other Web browser, please start Internet Explorer and open this page in it.


Thank you for the answers.

imacgouf: I tried your link, but it doesn't work in safe mode (and I cannot enter windows under regular mode, because it halts and I cannot proceed). As soon as I tried to download the rmeoval tool, I got the following error message:

"The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windos in safe mode or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed."

What can I do?

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inbarasan: Same thing happens when I try your links (i.e. using Windows Installer Cleanup utility)

Please help. How can I work this out under safe mode. Thanks.
You need to call Symantec and get NONAV.  This is "An Unsupported Utility" that they will give you if they see that you need it.  See below for what it does:

=================================== What is NONAV ===================================
NONAV is an unsupported Symantec tool for removing files and registry keys from
Norton Antivirus / Symantec Antivirus. This is helpful for example when an upgrade
from an older version fails and you need to prepare the machine
for a clean re-installation.

The tool can be sent out to customers as long as they have been informed that
nonav is an unsupported tool / without warranty and provided "as-is".

NONAV removes the following products from filesystem/registry:
NAV      Norton Antivirus 4.x / 5.x
NAVCE      Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.0x 7.5x 7.6x
SAVCE      Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.0x 8.1x 9.x
SSC      Symantec System Center (from CE 7.x / 8.x / 9.x)
AMS      Alert Management System (from CE 7.x / 8.x / 9.x)
SCF      Symantec Client Firewall 5.x 7.x

NONAV can also be set to remove the following components:
Symevent drivers
LiveUpdate (1.5-2.0)
shared Virus Definitions
Central Quarantine Server / Quarantine Console

NONAV should leave other Symantec products alone on the machine but only very limited testing has been done on this.
PcAnywhere 10.5 / 11, Ghost 8.0/2003 and the Central Quarantine Server has been tested and appear to work fine after running nonav.

NONAV is designed to work on the following OS:
Windows 2003 Server
Windows XP
Windows 2000 Professional / Server
Windows NT4 Workstation / Server
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows 95

=================================== How to use NONAV ===================================
NONAV.ZIP      -      Unzip the files inside to a folder on the drive and run nonav.bat from this folder.
NONAV.EXE      -      Simply run the executable.

Both files will prompt you if you want to remove NAV/SAV from the machine.
To skip this prompt start NONAV.BAT with the -silent switch (or set WARN_FIRST=0 in nonav.bat).

Nonav must be run as Administrator on NT to have the necessary rights.

=================================== What are the different files / options ===================================                         - remove NAV/SAV 4/5/7/8/9 client/server and SSC/AMS/SCF on Windows 2k3/XP/2k/NT/Me/9x.

NONAV.exe                        - includes same files as Self-extracts to c:\temp and runs nonav.bat.

nonav-noreboot.exe                  - same as nonav.exe but skip the reboot at the end.

nonav-nowarning.exe                  - same as nonav.exe but without warning prompt (same as running "nonav -silent").

nonav-remove_defs_lu_symev_quar.exe      - same as nonav.exe but also removes symevent / liveupdate / definitions /
                                / central quarantine / quarantine console.

Command line parameters:
      NONAV.BAT -silent      -      skip warning prompt
      (any other parameter will give an error)

Settings that can be changed in nonav.bat:
      set REMOVE_SYMEVENT=0            -      remove Symevent Drivers No/Yes (0/1)
      set REMOVE_LIVEUPDATE=0            -      remove Symantec LiveUpdate No/Yes (0/1)
      set REMOVE_CQUARANTINE=0      -      remove Central Quarantine Server / Quarantine Console No/Yes (0/1)
      set REMOVE_DEFS=0            -      remove Virus Definitions No/Yes (0/1)
      set WARN_FIRST=1            -      warning prompt before starting to delete No/Yes (0/1)
      set REBOOT=1                  -      reboot after remove No/IfNecessary/Yes (0/1/2)
      set REMOVE_LOGS=1            -      remove install logs for products being removed No/Yes (0/1)

To edit these settings change the first few lines in nonav.bat inside
NONAV.EXE is created with the SAV CE 8.0 Packager and can be opened with
for example winzip to edit the files inside.

By default NONAV will only reboot if it has removed services (NT) or if there are files
in use by the system that can only be removed on a reboot (NT/9x).
Set REBOOT=2 in nonav.bat to always force a reboot.

=================================== What are the different files inside NONAV ===================================
nonav.bat      batch file for removing files and importing registry-cleaning files.
ESUGUnEn.exe      Symantec tool. See Esugutil.doc.
nonav.reg      remove registry keys.
nonav.inf      remove same keys (since the .reg doesn't seem to work on hebrew windows).
nolu.reg      remove registry keys for liveupdate.
nolu.inf      remove same keys (since the .reg doesn't seem to work on hebrew windows).
noquar.reg      remove registry keys for central quarantine server/console.
noquar.inf      remove same keys (since the .reg doesn't seem to work on hebrew windows).
nonav.pif      make nonav.bat window close when finished.
autorun.iff      tells nonav.exe self extractor where to extract / what to run.
UnEngVar.Txt      used by ESUGUnEn.exe to read paths from registry.
UnEngVar.BAT      used by ESUGUnEn.exe to read paths from registry.
rtvstop.exe      Symantec tool.
nonav.pdf      Nonav documentation.
nonav.txt      this file.

=================================== History ===================================
06/2003  - added fixes for hebrew windows / better reboot / option to remove liveupdate

07/2003  - fixed symevent remove + registry cleanup.

09/2003  - replaced 3rd part exe's with Symantec ESUGUTIL.exe, delete savroam, some more installer keys

11/2003  - more keys/files for 8.1 & ssc, better delete of files in use, reboot only if needed
           warn before running ("nonav -silent" to skip), deal better with nonstandard paths/non-english

12/2003 (1.05) - added missing installer keys for 7.6. Better removal of AMS and symevent.

12/2003 (1.06) - better cleanup on non-english OS

05/2004 (1.07) - remove SAVCE 9 & SCF (Symantec Client Firewall)
                 fix for "out of environment space" on 9x / safer removal of device drivers on NT

05/2004 (1.08) - save c:\nonav.log

05/2004 (1.09) - missed navroam service

05/2004 (1.10) - couple of small changes (shared dll's using short names / explorer menuorder keys)

05/2004 (1.11) - was accidentaly deleting some files/keys shared between SCF / Ghost2003 - fixed.

05/2004 (1.12) - added quarantine server / quarantine console. (set REMOVE_CQUARANTINE=1 in nonav.bat)

05/2004 (1.13) - remove old msi files. better removal on non-eng OS's (get paths from registry)

05/2004 (1.14) - new esuguneng.exe - fix msi errors on old OS

07/2004 (1.15) - New esuguneng.exe (1.5.25) - fixing problems getting startmenu etc. paths from registry.
                 Fixed a couple of hangs on NT4/9x and added some missing files.
                 Delete service/app loading points first.
                   - if nonav hangs killing processes it will now work fine when run again after a reboot.

11/2004 (1.16) - Added a couple of missing registry keys. Checked that nonav works with SAV9-MR2 on XPsp2.

Please follow the link provided and cehck which is the exact error you are encountering and follow the document which will resolve this issue.

Please copy the complete URL and paste it in the IE if that does not work.

Note: In order to resolve this issue check the exact error message in thewebsite and follow all the steps provided in the document.

Gopal Krishna K
If you have the older version like NAV 2002 or 2003 Please Download the Norton AntiVirus Rnav.exe removal utility. To do this, visit the following Symantec download site:$FILE/Rnav.exe 

2. Visit the following Symantec Web site for information about how to use the Rnav.exe utility, and for information about how to completely remove Norton AntiVirus: 
3. Run the Rnav.exe utility to remove the earlier version of Norton AntiVirus that you tried to install before version 2002 (either version 2000 or version 2001).
4. Run the Rnav.exe utility again. This time, when you are prompted to select the version of Norton AntiVirus that you want to remove, click Norton AntiVirus 2002.
5. Completely remove Norton AntiVirus registry entries as outlined in the Web site listed in Step 3.
6. Install Norton AntiVirus 2002.
VenezuelanGirl, this is not to take away from anyones post but to add to!!!

go into safemode again and go to:

go to startup       at this point you want to disable the antivirus and anything else
                         in this category.

then go to the services tab and disable all antivirus software.

then you need to restart into normal mode. (once the antivirus is disable you should be able to go into normal mode.)

then do what the other posts have said starting with imacgouf!!!!

at this point you should have access to the hdd.

The Above link will explain the installtion and the uninstalltion process please follow the steps carefully and you would be able to solve this problem.

Gopal Krishna K

the problem you will have is actually getting the program to cooperate!!!

symantec knows they have a problem with this issue so they made an uninstall file

you'll find all the help you need on the link posted.

I'm at a loss as to what or how to recomend the points be awarded.

the link that imacgouf & I posted (I did'nt see the link until just now) would have worked.

also, what Iposted should have helped in the removal of the software.

the Idea was to disable the running processes so that the link would work.

I would give split the points with imacgouf and myself.

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