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Any One Have Know Of A Good System Information Class

Autoeforms asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-23
I am running a windows client program that uses web services for data.
I would like to collect machine information similar to that displayed in the properties window on my computer.

I have found several functions for just getting the OS name, none by the have worked properly on my media edition of xp.
the properties page display different information for total memory then the calls i have tried. They are close but not the same.

My question is does anyone know of a good class that returns extremely accurate system information.

I don't want to make this a couple of day project and believe I would only be re inventing the wheel.

hope someone can help.


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theGhost_k8Database Consultant

use System.Management and WMI queries
Dim objWMI As New clsWMI()
With objWMI
      Debug.WriteLine("Computer Name = " & .ComputerName)
      Debug.WriteLine("Computer Manufacturer = " & .Manufacturer)
      Debug.WriteLine("Computer Model = " & .Model)
      Debug.WriteLine("OS Name = " & .OsName)
      Debug.WriteLine("OS Version = " & .OSVersion)
      Debug.WriteLine("System Type = " & .SystemType)
      Debug.WriteLine("Total Physical Memory = " & .TotalPhysicalMemory)
      Debug.WriteLine("Windows Directory = " & .WindowsDirectory)
End With

'To use this class you must add a reference
'to System.Management from the Project | References

Imports System.Management
Public Class clsWMI
    Private objOS As ManagementObjectSearcher
    Private objCS As ManagementObjectSearcher
    Private objMgmt As ManagementObject
    Private m_strComputerName As String
    Private m_strManufacturer As String
    Private m_StrModel As String
    Private m_strOSName As String
    Private m_strOSVersion As String
    Private m_strSystemType As String
    Private m_strTPM As String
    Private m_strWindowsDir As String

    Public Sub New()

        objOS = New ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem")
        objCS = New ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem")
        For Each objMgmt In objOS.Get

            m_strOSName = objMgmt("name").ToString()
            m_strOSVersion = objMgmt("version").ToString()
            m_strComputerName = objMgmt("csname").ToString()
            m_strWindowsDir = objMgmt("windowsdirectory").ToString()

        For Each objMgmt In objCS.Get
            m_strManufacturer = objMgmt("manufacturer").ToString()
            m_StrModel = objMgmt("model").ToString()
            m_strSystemType = objMgmt("systemtype").ToString
            m_strTPM = objMgmt("totalphysicalmemory").ToString()
    End Sub

    Public ReadOnly Property ComputerName()
            ComputerName = m_strComputerName
        End Get

    End Property
    Public ReadOnly Property Manufacturer()
            Manufacturer = m_strManufacturer
        End Get

    End Property
    Public ReadOnly Property Model()
            Model = m_StrModel
        End Get

    End Property
    Public ReadOnly Property OsName()
            OsName = m_strOSName
        End Get

    End Property

    Public ReadOnly Property OSVersion()
            OSVersion = m_strOSVersion
        End Get

    End Property
    Public ReadOnly Property SystemType()
            SystemType = m_strSystemType
        End Get

    End Property
    Public ReadOnly Property TotalPhysicalMemory()
            TotalPhysicalMemory = m_strTPM
        End Get

    End Property

    Public ReadOnly Property WindowsDirectory()
            WindowsDirectory = m_strWindowsDir
        End Get

    End Property

End Class

The charms of google searches eh theGhost_k8 :)
theGhost_k8Database Consultant

well kinger247,
its all about reply u can give !!
problem can have > 1 solution.. try to find new one....
let Autoeforms select the best 1 ... ;)


what am i missing isn't it the same solution

yes, we both replied at the same time !

funny how we got the same answer ;)


it is

i was really hoping for a more polished solution
Sometimes you get the same results at the same time (it just happens).

The solution is there, we don't know what you want to use the code for ... but you can easily work out how to extract the parts that you need.
theGhost_k8Database Consultant

hay kinger, u were 2 mins late.... check our timings....
 ha ha ha...
and to AUTOEFORMS...
   "My question is does anyone know of a good class that returns extremely accurate system information."
    one can reply in Yes/No
well i;ve replied in code ... not POLISHED !!!
frankly speaking no one.. i mean no one is gettin real POlished things ready..
not even me... you'll get scrap .. make poshied from it...
see this... i've got no returns... hope if u can reply... even non polished...
I know I was 2 mins late, thats what I'm talking about !  ;)

As to a polished solution, I think some people can ask for to much ... ie, write the solution for them.
People should be pointed in the right direction, especially when the code is complicated and you have to learn what it does as to just cut-n-paste /run.

The code you showed Ghost is ample to go with, and a good solution, I was acually impressed with the link I've saved it for future use.

But alas I no nothing about word, sorry ...   up points to 500 and see .. you might get a bite :)
theGhost_k8Database Consultant

hay kinger, i'm gone a lot deeper in this matter and lost my mind.... check out my question
no one .. I MEAN IT.. no one were replied in POLISHED manner...
can u help me in postin ptr que.. i'm not able to do it ..... as i dont have even 20 points,,,,,
theGhost_k8Database Consultant

Autoeforms , sorry if u find us bad mannerd guyz but still
download this SAMPLES and try to learn...



i take no offense at any of your comments.

and yes all of the pieces are there.  but to be honest i would expect MS to provide a better object for this solution.  there are to many programmers constently re-inventing the wheel. Think what you happen if eveyone needed to build a file dialog box.

For example. you would think MS would have a class or function call that returns the windows version without parsing release numbers.  Can it be done yes. Should everyone in the world need to do it no.

As far as the example it is great and as i said i had already found it. You know i could not find a listing of the property strings any where (e.g. "version"). Which makes me wonder what other info is available.  It is one thing to take a code snippit and make it work. It is quite another to wonder if you have the best solution or you are using the pieces as they were intended.

There is more then enough business logic to keep developers busy for a life time. This kind of stuff should be a slam dunk.

thanks for your opions


I agree :)
make our lives alot easier.
Database Consultant
well ur right autoeforms,
now here comes some more places of ur interest... i'm sorry i cnt help u my trying my self...

dont prefer this... as in vc

Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy.

Ask the Experts
Hi Autoeforms,

check this namespace My.Computer.Info.....  loads of stuff there you could use !



thanks that is one i haven't seen
unfortunately still returning winnt as the os
still haven't found exactly what i am looking for so it looks like it is going to be a development project to get what i need
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