Lotus Notes ODBC Driver Error

Posted on 2006-10-19
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I downloaded the lotus notes odbc driver and installed it

When I tried to add a data source using the ODBC data source administrator using the lotus notes driver I get the following error:

The setup routines for the Lotus NotesSQL driver (*.nsf) odbc driver could not be loaded due to system error code 126.

If I click the ok button I get another error message:

could not load the setup or translator library

I checked the odbc.ini file and see the following entry:

[Lotus NotesSQL Driver (*.nsf) (32 bit)]

the 2 dll's are in c:\notessql

any ideas what to do?

Question by:johnnyg123
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What version of WIndows ?
Have you rebooted since the install ?

What client version ?

Have you created any ODBC connectio via the control panel ODBC applet ?

I hope this helps !
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Author Comment

ID: 17768735
hmmmm....looked at the other links you provided....unfortunately none seem to lead me to a resolution

my machine is running Windows xp professional

I added the directory to the path environment variable and have rebooted

lotus notes client version is 5.11  (I know....super old.    we are in process of dumping notes....thus my desire to get data from notes via odbc)

I can create other datasources from ODBC data source administrator using different odbc drivers (sql server, access, etc).  It's only when I select the lotus notes driver and click add that I have a problem

What is SQL Server and how does it work?

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ID: 17771108
Are you sure the NotesSql you chose still supports R5 ?

You may need an older version ...


Author Comment

ID: 17775122

I had a hard enough time finding the driver I did find.

any idea where to llok for older ones?

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ID: 17777195
It should be on the LDD site.

Seems to support R5 if you have version 3.02

Other API's

I hope this helps !
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Accepted Solution

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Author Comment

ID: 17777342

The one I downloaded is the 3.02 j version

maybe I'll back up and try 3.02 i version
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ID: 17779171
Hi Johnny,

Just want to run through the process here...
(I'll assume you are trying to get the notes data into MS Access)

First, download the Notes SQL driver from here:

This driver will allow you to create an ODBC link from MS Access to the Notes database. This makes it a doddle to populate an Access database with Notes data!

After you have installed Notes SQL:

Set up a DSN by doing the following

Start >> Run >> ODBCAD32

Then in MS Access start a new blank database.
Goto file >> Get external data >> Import
Scroll down files of type to ODBC databases
Select your DSN

Click ok, and you will get the import objects dialog box with a list of available views to import as tables...
You can then easily set up the relationships between tables within MS Access.

Alternatively you might use another utility such as:

Good luck!

Hope this helps!
- If not, can you explain your processes a little more, and what you are trying to achieve?
You say you are moving away from Lotus Notes? - To what?
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Expert Comment

ID: 17780433
question, are you trying to hit a local database or one on a server?  If server, then look in the server's event log under access permissions and the port that you're trying to hit to make sure you have permission to drill via odbc ports to the server.   Also, make sure the port is open.  Alternatively, try using the ODBC on a local replica of the database with the suggestions above.

I could be wrong, been awhile since I used the ODBC across server port.

Author Comment

ID: 17789122
I did find an odbc driver that will allow me to connect to lotus notes database.  (had to go down to 3.02 i)

I am not familiar with lotus notes database data types.

The table I am interested in has a field that has audit history info contained in it.  (some have thousands of characters)  The odbc driver has an option to enter the number of characters a test field can contain.

 Is there a way to force access to treat the field as a memo field?

Or perhaps I could write an access app to manually parse through the lotus note table records?

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Assisted Solution

shuboarder earned 250 total points
ID: 17789226

Should have also been ok with 3.02g following my pot above...

The "view" you are interested in displays "documents" that contain "fields"

AFAIK, once you have pulled the data into MS Access you should be able to do what you want with it!
i.e. change the field type in Access to display whatever your requirements are.
If you are struggling with Access, could you try taking the data into Excel?

Author Comment

ID: 17789512

The first driver I tried was 3.02g and I was getting the dreaded

The setup routines for the Lotus NotesSQL driver (*.nsf) odbc driver could not be loaded due to system error code 126.

when I tried to click add datasource

I kept trying older and older versions till I found one that worked

I think it has something to do with the fact that we have 5.11 version of notes client.  We are in the midst of dropping notes so we haven't done upgrades in a bizillion years


Author Comment

ID: 17791007

thanks for all the replies!

through much trial and error I discovered the following:

1.    3.02g of the odbc driver will work with the 5.11 client
      (Lotus NotesSQL 3.0.2g for Wintel32 Windows NT/2000/95/98 eAssembly)
       (Sorry Shuboarder, the version I tried first was Lotus NotesSQL 3.0.2j for Windows)

2. If I click the options tab and change the default value of 254 for limit of text and rich text fields to 15360
    (I tried to change it to 64,000 but it reset to 15360 so I'm guessing that's the max)
    Access will treat it as a memo field instead of a text field.

I will divide points


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