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My company uses AutoCAD 2005 and we have had a couple of situations where all layers have turned on in a drawing. We can't figure out how this happens and it takes us time to go and turn off the layers we don't need. Does anyone have any idea how this might be happening to us so we can prevent it in the future?

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Hi Coupland, In the express tools menu under layer section there is a commmand " Turn all Layers on" the command line promt is layon. Possibly someone has used that function and not known that the layer state previous button in Express Tools has been removed in the newer versions of ACAD.

As a rule of thumb I have always used the on and off layer function for drawing ease and use the freeze and thaw layer function for drawing cinstruction. For instance in a Reflected Ceiling Plan I would Freeze doors, windows and casework thus creating the plan to show the ceiling grid. I might then turn off the structural grid off to make drawing ceiling tile pattern easier. On completion of the drawing I would use the layon feature to restore the drawing to it's original state with structural grid layer turned back on.

I hope this helps. If this suggestion doesn't work under ewxpress tools menu under the layer option the Layer Manager, not to be cofused with the Layer Manager were you would turn the layers on and off, you can save layer states whether they are on or off or freezed and thawed.

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Like above I have had trouble with some people inadvertly turning on all layers to find things but not doing an undo to return to the original condition.  What I have started doing is in layer manager saving a layer state named something like current.  Then, if I go into a drawing that has the layers messed up I can return it to the previous layer settings.  These layer states can be exported and imported into another drawing, also.
do these dwgs have xrefs? if it is xrefs check your visretain variable.
layer states is really handy but make sure you have the correct layer settings to restore selected when you save a state, I've been burned by not deselcting things like color and linetype, how sick would you be if you saved a layer state in the begining, for the exact reason you need to, then do a lot of work, including edit layer colors/linetypes then do a layer state restore....all those layer edits are gone, if you catch it quick fine, but if you dont...major bummer. just something to think about.
Norrin_rad stated and I agree visretain is a good place to check and can raise havock if the person changing the variable doesn't uinderstand. I really think this can be prevented if you use the Freeze command for permanent layer coordination and on/off for drafting ease. This principal has served us well with thirty or so cadd people with as many asw 6 or 7 on a project at once all participating on different drawings in a set.

Good Luck
I know for a fact that my copy of AutoCad 2002 Land Desktop sometimes goes crazy and saves the drawing with all layers on even though they are not set that way. I have not found a cure but since it does not happen every time, I live with it. I do know that the symptom is worse when the drawings are opened by double clicking the dwg file with Windows Explorer.

Hi coupland2000!
I am offering you some suggestions to control this problem. First you should have select the required layres, i mean which are you want to active. After that click light first button from left side. Your wanted layes will on. If u want to off any one of the you have to click lay freze or light mark for layer off.

just resuming the situation in a couple of need to use the"Layer States Manager" which is included in "Layer Properties Manager" and create a new filter, that you can select it any time to change the layers status for a specific one..

good luck
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