Round red X icon on the notification section of the task bar

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I have a Round red X icon on the notification section of the task bar when I reboot the PC. and it gives me a prompt that windows has detected spyware infections. How can I get rid of the ICon . I used the latest norton anti virus package and the Microsoft spyware removal tool and it deleted the infections. What do I do now.

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Download and run both softwares:

Spybot S&D

The spyware from M$ does not get everything.

habibzakariaAuthor Commented:
Can you please tell me specifically what site I can download these from and also if it is free.

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One of the last computers I had to clean up had an icon in the lower corner like the one you were describing.  They had accidentally clicked on one of those pop-ups while browsing that said "Your Computer is Infected - Clean up your Computer Now" .  They clicked on it and spyware removal software was installed onto their computer.  That software became,  in my opinion, obnoxious spyware and was a big pain to clean up!

Beware of what you click on! :^}  
Free ONLINE Spyware Scan:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Free ONLINE Virus Scan:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Well I have come across this before, it goes by a few different names, one of the most common is Spyware Sheriff or Virtuomondo.  Anyway in my experience adware and spybot do not get rid of it.  You should try out these tools:

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