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VISIO and MS SQL question!

bogdem used Ask the Experts™
Hello, Experts!
How to synchronize VISIO DB drawings with MS SQL server?

 Thanks a lot.
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Are you trying to load SQL Server with a db structure developped in VISIO ?


You can only do it with version 2003 visio....there an option on there


I have 2003 Pro sp1
look at reverse engineering...to me that seems
like sql to visio and not the other way i have not done it but i know you can..

I searched visio 2003 for export entity to sql

Maybe something there that helps you
About exporting data to databases  
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Run the Microsoft Office Visio Database Export Wizard (available in the Visio Extras folder from the Add-Ons entry on the Tools menu) or open the Export to Database dialog box (available on the Tools menu) to create a database table containing shape properties.

The difference between the Database Export Wizard and the Export to Database dialog box is that the wizard takes you through the process step by step. If you're comfortable working without the wizard's guidance, you might find the Export to Database dialog box more streamlined.

How shapes, records, tables, and fields relate in a database

Each shape in a drawing is represented by a record (or row) in a database table, and each ShapeSheet cell is represented by a field (or column). Data in a ShapeSheet cell appears as a value in the corresponding database table field.

Exporting data and ODBC

<<have 2003 Pro sp1>>

I don't think it is possible with this version.
Wow 2002 works 2003 does not thats backwards compatiable ha