Exchange Server with Trust Relationship

Hi All,

Right now we running Windows 2003 Server SP1 with 2 of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Standard SP2 running Front End/Back End
We have 1 domain, now we plan to create 1 more domain on a new server with Windows Server 2003 R2 and create a trust relationship,  

We plan to move some user from the first domain to the new one,

my question Are those ppl that got move to the new domain able to create a user mail
using the first domain mailbox? ( or we have to create a new mailbox store and create the user on that one? (

please advice

Thank you
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KPCarlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If they are in the same forest(which it sounds like they are), then adding another recipient update service should handle the other domain. See this article:;en-us;275294&Product=exch2003
Are you creating a domain for security purposes(users are in new domain), or do you just want to handle email going to 2 different domain names?
npanpromeAuthor Commented:
Yes, we going to make it secure since it will be for our accounting department.
but we just want to use it the same email name like ( on both doamin,
is it posible?
This might be another way also...
npanpromeAuthor Commented:
Ah...I c well, anyway we just order the new server today it hasn't delivery yet, I'll try this if I get any problem i'll come back and post again,

Thanks for the advice,
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