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HP document queue status "Error - Printing"

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I have a new HP 5550 color laserjet with 620N jetdirect card installed on a SBS 2003 server. The server is listed in Active Directory and all workstations have successfully installed the printer using the settings provided by active directory.

I am able to print from my workstation without any problems. When the other workstations in the office send a job, the document appears in the queue and after a few minutes shows "Error - Printing" under the status heading.

I am the only one with administrative privileges. Other users can manage queue documents only.
I'm not sure how this could be related but it seems to be the only difference between our setups.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Let me know if you need some additional info.
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The system event viewer says this:

Event ID: 6161

Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 67. The network name cannot be found.

Sounds like a permissions issue, alright.
Check the permissions on the share.
To elaborate, if you have set up printing permissions via group permissions, ensure that they have print rights, especially if the "everyone" group is not allowed printing.


Ok, i'll check, but i don't understand how the user can not have the proper permissions and still...

1. install the printer from the active directory,
2. manage the job queue,
3. view printer properties and settings
4. print to the job queue.

Are permissions not checked until after the job goes into the queue and sits there a while?

I went through the windows troubleshooting wizard (usually a complete waste of time) and it suggested that i might have trouble with my network setup. It suggested that some users or machines may have duplicate names. I remember that when i set the SBS2003 network up and added users that i had to set some of them up more than once. I think i remember getting some complaint about using the same computer or user name after i had deleted and recreated the user. Anyway I'm just reaching for possibilities now.


Sounds like the DNS is not working correctly.
Win2003 relies on DNS for name resolution.
Duplicate names (user or computer)will stop name resolution, network names, and permissions working correctly.


I have just pointed the workstations directly to the printer using a TCP/IP port and this works fine. Kind of disappointing that the SBS print server is not working properly. I may work this out by leveling the server.
Might well be the easiest solution, I had one sbs server that had a typo in the domain setup, even though it was corrected, not noticed until it showed up in error messages, took a long tiime to track down and eradicate all instances of it.