Virtual PC network problem - cannot connect to network drives and servers

Hi, running MS Virtual PC 2004 on a Win XP SP2 box, with 2003 Server EE as the guest OS. Having a problem getting access to LAN resources. I have the VM set to share the network adaptor with the physical host. From the VM, I can ping LAN devices such as servers, routers and client machines, but I cannot connect to them via the RUN box (e.g. \\192.168.x.x\c$) nor can I see anything other than the workgroup name under MS Windows Network (nothing shows up inside the workgroup).

Whenever I use RUN to try to connect to a server share, I get, "The Network location cannot be reached. For info about network troubleshooting see windows help."

I can also ping the IP of the VM from other physical machines. but cannot connect to it via RUN either. Nor does the VM show up in the workgroup.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Bprime04Author Commented:
haim96, thanks for the try. The first document is exactly the same explanation of the network config from VPC's help files. I have read them and have set up other VMs on different physcial systems with no problem. While I have never had the need for using a loopback adaptor (as in document 2), the article was interesting. Unfortunately it does not solve my issue. I am trying to set this VM up using option 4 (4. Network adapter on the physical computer). In the past this has allowed me to do exactly what I wanted, which is just to be able to access other LAN resources. No fancy port mapping or firewall rules here. Just basic Windows File Sharing from the VM to the other physical machines on my LAN.

Any other ideas? I'm uping the point value, because I guess this is more difficult then I was anticipating.
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Bprime04Author Commented:
Anyone have any suggestions on this VPC networking issue?
do you have the service pack installed for VPC? i'm not sure if i had the same problem as you, but it fixed a few bugs for me
Bprime04Author Commented:
Is the service pack a download from windows update? I had just download the newest version of VPC from the MS site about 2 weeks ago, so I'm guessing it has most updates included. Just for the heck of it, I'm installing a second VM with XP as the guest just to see if maybe it's an issue specific to this version of Windows 2003.
mrroonieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think if you have MS update installed rather than Windows Update then the service pack would be included in the updates, i'm not sure though as i downloaded mine seperately -

If you go to Help>About it doesn't tell you whether the service pack is installed but it does give you the version number. mine is - 5.3.582.27
If you have this version number then you already have the service pack installed.
Even if it does turn out to be a dodgy install of the 2003 it will still be worth installing

Let me know how it goes
Bprime04Author Commented:
Looks to be a bunk install of 2003. I made another 2003 VM and networking works fine. Thanks for the help though. Since you both tried to help I'll split the points.
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