problem with getting my ethernet card working

i have a motherboard but I cant find the ethernet driver for it so I cant get any sort of network or internet up.  the motherboard is gigibyte ga k8ns pro and although Ive downloaded from the driver doesnt work, or at least it acquires a network address and returns limited or no connectivity?!

thats using the
  CHIPSET NVIDIA Chipset driver for nForce3 series (Included LAN driver)
and ive also tried the
  LAN Marvell Lan driver

Any ideas?  ive tried ipconfig release ipconfig renew and I get the same problem although the message is slightly more detailed in that is complains it cant find the dhcp server although still no further.

can anyone please resolve this for me?  am i using the right driver or am i going mad?  surely if i have the right driver it should all work?

p.s. the only thing i can think of mentioning is that its windows xp with sp2 streamlined into the installation.

many thanks
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imacgoufConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are you using for the internet connection.

eg Taking example of ISP ----> Broadband modem --- > Linksys Wireless router
For the LinkSys Wireless Internal IP Address it is defaultly set as when you first connect it up.

To set static IP for your PC for the above setting you set

Static IP address eg:   anything from to .254 but not or as .1 is your GW and .255 is the network broadcast.
Subnet Mask as
Default Gateway  (here you use the Wireless router LAN IP - since it is where internet traffic will be passing through it)
You can't use as gateway!
It sounds like you are using the right driver.

Try manually setting the IP Address, see if it can connect then.

I am assuming you are trying to connect it to a modem/router. Try and connect to the modem/router's  and if it has a firewall check the firewall settings there. It might be worth while resetting the device using the reset button which you usually need a pen to get to and start from scratch.

Hope this info helps

i suggest trying a pci lan card, to test if it works; it can be abad onboard lan
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jimbona27Author Commented:
wot would be a good ip

subnet mask
default gateway
is ok, but why not use the automatic setting?
jimbona27Author Commented:
just coz it was mentioned that i should manually make an ip? please explain what I should do
try first with the automatic settings, if it does not work, you can try the static ip
jimbona27Author Commented:
automatic doesnt work
and the static?
but i think the onboard lan is bad, it should work
In order to help, please list what you using for the internet connection like what device broadband modem or cable.
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