How to set torrent files download faster using azureus or bitcomet?

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Hello all the expert, I have some question need to ask you guy.

Did anybody known how to set the azureus or bitcomet torrent download faster even the seed is 0 and the peer is 100 something.

Because i see my friend at other country, he using azureus the download speed can up to 200KBps and he using normal ADSL line just 512kbps down and 256kbps up.

Now I very blur because I at Malaysia the ADSL speed also same like him and also the software I using also the same but the download speed just 30 kbps.

Why, can anybody tell me how to set it so I can same like my friend's download speed. I already ask him how to set but he said he forget how to set so please help me all the expert whether I can same like him.
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Umm, are you sure he gets 200 KBps (200,000 Bytes).  That is close to the speed you get on a 2 Mbps link.  I think he may be getting 200 Kbps (200,000 bits).

Are you sure you are only getting 30 kbps (30,000 bits per second)?  It sounds more like you might be getting 30 KBps (30,000 Bytes) which is about what you would get on a 256 Kbps (256,000 bits).

It could be that your ISP in Malaysia is limiting the bandwidth allocated to Bittorrent.  I can't think of any settings that you would have wrong besides the maximum download speed, but the default is higher than 30 kbps.
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With most Bittorrents if yo limit the upload speed it limits the download speed.  

I beleive you have set the upload speed to either 5 or 6 kps which is automatically limiting the download speed to 30.

Try removing the upload limit and see if it improves.
You might try:

Magic Download Accelerator:

Magic Download Accelerator is a fast download manager and it is a good choice for active surfers and those on dial-up connections. Magic Download Accelerator raises the download speed by up to five times. The neat interface offers several ways to start retrieving a file: clicking a link in your browser, copying the URL to the clipboard, or dragging the download to a semitransparent floating window download basket. The interface also displays the download speed and lets you control downloads. You can grab HTML pages, and peek at the contents of ZIP archives to see whether you want to download the files.

The program is accessible via a system-tray icon or a browser toolbar. When running in the background, the utility doesn't take much memory. The program supports Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Dial-up users should appreciate Internet Download Accelerator's ability to automatically establish and maintain connections or to schedule downloads overnight.
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Using a download manager if you download a lot of files is a good idea.  However, I would be a bit weary of anything that says it speeds up downloads, especially by 5 times.

You can't defeat the laws of physics.  A link connecting at 44 Kbps can't transfer data any faster that 44 Kbps.  You are not getting what I would expect, assuming that the download is the only thing activly using your Internet connection at that time.  You may want to get Dr. TCP:

to help tweak your IP settings.  With high latency (which dial-up lines typically have) you need to increase the window size to get full throughput.  If you phone line is marginal you maybe able to connect in the 40Kbps range, but you may end up with a lot of re-transmissions, which could be reduced by lowering your MTU from 1500 bytes to say 512 or 256.  But you would need to know   for sure that you are getting a lot of retransmissions.  That would require doing a trace from your PC to see if you PC is rejecting some of the packets.  Even then you may not see it, as the rejects and transmissions may be occuring at the modem level and not the IP/PPP level.

The default Window's TCP/IP settings are set based on 10 or 100 Mbps high quality LAN connections, not with dial-up connection that maybe marginal.

I suggest using bitcomet or utorrent, they are lighter versions of torrent clients and less popular. Since some ISPs as mentioned earlier dont want all of their bandwidth consumed by downloaders and have restrictions on popular clients using an obscure client might help u if its the case. In any case,  I use the ratio of 50 upload connections, 125 download connections, unlimited bandwidth.

Are your ports open? In a lot of bittorrent programs they use certain ports.. if you have a firewall or a router that does not allow those ports it will affect the speed significantly. Try using the dos console and type netstat -b to see current running connections. If the port is all of the place.. see if you can change it to a certain port in the bittorent program. Log into your router and port forward that port.

Besides doing that.. limiting upload limits your download speed.. so make sure you have a decent share ratio.
you should definitely forward the port that your torrent program uses to your computer. you do this by assigning an IP for your computer, and then going into your router settings and forwarding the specific port to your computer's IP address. Let me know if you need more details.
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