firewall with advanced settings


i need some firewall program, that can be set to allow access to some IP (or network card ID) and to block other requests from our LAN. ihave tried some, but they mostly offer protection from the internet.

Does anyone know of such firewall program? as my antivirus subscriptio expired recently it can be a bundle with antivirus program...

thanks in advance
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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kirezAuthor Commented:
just to mention, it needs to be run on Windows
If your using Windows try Microsoft ISA server

habor235 ;}
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This firewall will serve your purpose here is the link

Thanking you
Sandeep raj
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
ZoneAlarm Pro can do this, the free version doesn't allow you to do this. M$'s own firewall can do this also, but these can only block based on IP and or DNS name.
You can use IPTables on linux to block at the mac-address level (layer 2) otherwise most firewalls can only block on the layer 3 level.
The advanced settings on the XP Pro and 2003 firewalls allow you to list IP's, DNS names, or ip ranges or just ports.

Use IPSEC (TCP/IP Filtering) on the NIC Card at the TCP/IP LEVEL.
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