Strange auto-response on calendar invite/meeting request...

Setup - Windows Server 2003 w/Exchange Server 2003 running on same box.
Issue - When a calendar invite/meeting request is sent to one specific employee, the sender automatically receives back a response that the invite could not be delivered to several other people who no longer work at the company.
Steps taken - I have reviewed the ADUC and no forwarding is setup.  I have reviewed the Exchange Server and nothing out of the ordinary.  I have revieweded the affected users computer, and no auto-replys setup.


Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi Yort,

This _will_ be a delegate problem.

Use this script from kristinaw to find that out ->

Hope that helps,

The employee you are sending the invite to might have the accounts which are bouncing the requests set up delegates
(outlook > options > delegates tab > either delete those delegates or uncheck "delegates recieve copies of meeting-related messages sent to me")
YortAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick response.  I think already checked that option, but will do so again to make certain.  I will post back soon.
YortAuthor Commented:
Checked the delegates, none listed.
I assume you opened the user's mailbox and checked the rules wizard to make sure there are no rules set up that would cause this behavior?
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