Problematic HDD URGENT!

Hey in my PC I am currently using 4 out of 8 SATA ports for HDD's. The 4 ports that i'm using are for standalone drives (non raid). My BIOS setup is as follows...

1st IDE Master = DVD-ROM/CD-RW
1st IDE Slave = none
3rd IDE Master = Maxtor 80Gb
3rd IDE Slave = Maxtor 300Gb
4th IDe Master = Maxtor 300Gb
4th IDE Slave = Maxtor 300Gb (Not entirely sure why the SATA's are showing as IDE)

My system started to hang and became non responsive last week, after careful investigation I find that one of my HDD's is being abit touchy (3rd ide slave). It works one moment then all of a sudden it just hangs again. I went out today and bought a 500gb drive to replace it with but I want to get the data off, only the dodgy drive doesn't show up in my computer anymore, the 500gb shows up and the dodgy one is in device manager, when I looked in Disk Management, it shows up all the drives I have apart from the dodgy one and says it is a foreign disk, I look at my options (Reactive or convert to basic), upon trying to reactive I get an error pop up saying it can't complete the operation and I should look it up in event log (this shows nothing). I've tried this in both normal and safe modes, how am I going to be able to get my data off dodgy drive and onto the 500gb??? Oh and sorry about the length...
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BlackbirdtgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this may  help sometimes ...

disconnect all disks   execpt for the  500GB and  your dodgy one ...

Also connect the dodgy one to another   SATA port ...
then try again ....

also you may check the connection  on your drive .. use another power  connection to  the disk ..  nd also use another  SATA connecter ...

id that does not help you may want to use a  recovery program like R-tools ..  or R-studio ...

Hve you tired swapping the unresponsive disk with another IDE channel?  Also, have you tried installing the unresponsive disk into another PC?
jclark19Author Commented:
hey, yes i've already tried both of your ideas with no success i'm afraid, the drive is less than a year old so i'm going to try and take it back to the shop I got it from, I can't use a recovery program on it as the drive doesn't show in my computer and when you look at it in disk management it only shows up as a foreign disk, when i try to import it it just comes up with an error saying it cannot be completed.
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trarthurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may try this....

has some hard drive tools on it.

Also see this:

From their page:

"It is recommended to run PowerMax on all Maxtor SATA/ATA hard drives prior to warranty replacement."

mploschiavoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i had a similiar problem...  

hiren's bootcd also has some great tools...

i could see the data with one of the HDD recovery tools, but ultimately I used a copy of "Active File Recovery for Windows" to extract my data..

good luck... it just a slow painful process of trial and error.

matthew loschiavo
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if the drive is not seen by the system, i doubt a recovery soft will work.
i suggest booting from the knoppix cd, and checking if the drive is seen, then copy your data if possible.
if this does not work, you may need the help of a data recovery Cy; here a cheap one :      

Good luck !
jclark19Author Commented:
hey nobus, you were right about the recovery software not working but is there anywhere else I can download the knoppix cd as after I get 1/2 through I get an error message saying cannot download, I retried the download and i'm starting from scratch again and not from where I got to last time...
look at the mirror sites for knoppix :
or try with the BartPe :
jclark19Author Commented:
thanks mate
no problem - have fun !
There are many download mirrors for knoppix. Just click on the "get knoppix" link on their homepage and you should get many options on how to get a copy. Remember that if you download it you need enough free space, as the CD is approx 700MB, and the DVD is even larger.
jclark19Author Commented:
hey nobus and rindi, I tried the knoppix cd boot and i managed to work my way around the german language and tried to access my dodgy drive but it came up with an error i couldn't read but i think the jist of it was that the disk wouldn't mount i'm currently downloading an english cd and dvd version through emule so will have news at some point...
>>  managed to work my way around the german language   <<  not necessary, just click on the american flag !
jclark19Author Commented:
right ok, any hoo,i've downloaded and tried the english version and the errors actually come up in english and it does say that the drive will not mount, have tried it several times, same error everytime and I can access all the other drives too...
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can usually select between englich and german versions, just look for a en in the filename, that's for english, and de which is for german...
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>  it does say that the drive will not mount,  <<  then your drive is beyond recovery for simple software recovery
You'll need the help of a recovery Cy as is posted above
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