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How Can Recycle Bin items be retrieved via Terminal Services through the "Default Profile" ? ?????????

coloradoeastbankandtrust used Ask the Experts™
We use Terminal Services and some users have been logged one with the default profile we believe due to resource problems.  One of them deleted items which now need to be retrieved : /  how can this be done?  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Do you have shadow copy enabed on the volume where that file deleted?
No, it's not...

The only way to do this is logon as user who deleted the items & check recycle bin for the item hopeful that he did not empty deleted items.
okay, but what about the "default user" account.  that's what windows does when it cannot locate the normal logon for some reason.  is there a way of searching or browsing to it?
It is searchable but I don't think that you could find recycle bin items in there.
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User
this is the directory
k, didn't think so.... Thanks