VB Script for Mapping Printers

Hello! I am working on a VB script to use during logon to map printers. I've found everything I need except 1 line. I need to evaluate whether the current user is a member of an Active Directory security group.

For example:

IF CurrentUser is a member of "6thFloor Users"

I have all the "Stuff" I just need the IF statement.

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PaulRKruegerAuthor Commented:
That looks like it would help if I actually knew this stuff. Unfortunately, I don't. From what I can see that link has information on enumerating the groups of which the user is a member. I want to ask "if the current user is a member of a specific group."
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this is the script needed to map printers using vb instaed of giving you part i rather put the whole thing

If InGroup("groupnamehere") Then
  Call AddPrinter("hcgl","servername","printername")
  objWshNetwork.setDefaultPrinter "\\servername\printername"

End If

Set WshNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\servername\printer"

WshNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\servername\printer"
PaulRKruegerAuthor Commented:
Will give it a shot this weekend and let you know. Thanks!
PaulRKruegerAuthor Commented:
I had lots of trouble working with inGroup. As I looked in other places (following your link) I ended up with the script below. The functions are WAY out of my league, but it works none the less!


Option Explicit

Dim objADObject, strGroup, objGroupList, objSysInfo, strUser, objUser, wshNetwork

' Get the user info
Set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo")
strUser = objSysInfo.UserName
Set objUser = GetObject("LDAP://" & strUser)
Set objADObject = GetObject(objUser.AdsPath)
Set wshNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

' Do this stuff

strGroup = "COP_Corporate"
If IsMember(strGroup) Then
      wshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\tbcws121\Corp_Copier_b&W"
      wshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\tbcws121\Corp_Copier_Color"
End If

' Functions

Set objGroupList = Nothing
Set objADObject =  Nothing

Function IsMember(strGroup)
' Function to test for group membership.
' strGroup is the NT name (sAMAccountName) of the group to test.
' objGroupList is a dictionary object, with global scope.
' Returns True if the user or computer is a member of the group.

  If IsEmpty(objGroupList) Then
    Call LoadGroups
  End If
  IsMember = objGroupList.Exists(strGroup)
End Function

Sub LoadGroups
' Subroutine to populate dictionary object with group memberships.
' objADObject is the user or computer object, with global scope.
' objGroupList is a dictionary object, with global scope.

  Dim arrbytGroups, j
  Dim arrstrGroupSids(), objGroup

  Set objGroupList = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
  objGroupList.CompareMode = vbTextCompare

  objADObject.GetInfoEx Array("tokenGroups"), 0
  arrbytGroups = objADObject.Get("tokenGroups")
  If TypeName(arrbytGroups) = "Byte()" Then
    ReDim arrstrGroupSids(0)
    arrstrGroupSids(0) = OctetToHexStr(arrbytGroups)
    Set objGroup = GetObject("LDAP://<SID=" & arrstrGroupSids(0) _
      & ">")
    objGroupList(objGroup.sAMAccountName) = True
    Set objGroup = Nothing
    Exit Sub
  End If
  If UBound(arrbytGroups) = -1 Then
    Exit Sub
  End If

  ReDim arrstrGroupSids(UBound(arrbytGroups))
  For j = 0 To UBound(arrbytGroups)
    arrstrGroupSids(j) = OctetToHexStr(arrbytGroups(j))
    Set objGroup = GetObject("LDAP://<SID=" & arrstrGroupSids(j) _
      & ">")
    objGroupList(objGroup.sAMAccountName) = True
  Set objGroup = Nothing

End Sub

Function OctetToHexStr(arrbytOctet)
' Function to convert OctetString (byte array) to Hex string.

  Dim k
  OctetToHexStr = ""
  For k = 1 To Lenb(arrbytOctet)
    OctetToHexStr = OctetToHexStr _
      & Right("0" & Hex(Ascb(Midb(arrbytOctet, k, 1))), 2)
End Function

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