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Is a keylogger the best way to obtain my son's password to his yahoo email account?  I would like obtain his password-- I am concerned about his safety and just want to check in on his activity to give me, his mother, peace of mind.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry ,but telling you how to hack is expressly forbidden by the rules of this site.

You can say your're a concerned mother,and I can say I'm  Pres George Bush.

Neither of us can prove either on this site.


My question was intended to find the best software to use to obtain this information.  While you may sound like a politician to me at this very moment, I assure you I am a concerned mother.
I agree with the above statement.
However, monitoring software can be easily researched on the internet.
I have researched many software and hardware items, for both work and personal usage (Children).
I personally like NetNanny to monitor a system that is not readily under my direct supervision. My children are young and even though I trust them I do not trust the rest of the internet.
As for getting your sons Yahoo email password, that's a little different and explaining how to go about that process is definitely outside the boundaries of EE.
I wish you and your son the best. :-)
Read my lips:

No new taxes.:)
Sometimes it's just fun to jump on into family affairs.

Kalens, the best thing you can do is install software to prevent your son from accessing areas of the Internet that you don't want him to. I know that this will cause some strife between the two of you but not near as much as you looking at his Yahoo email. I fully understand your concerns for your sons well being but, at the same time, building a trusting relationship between the two of you will make it easier for him to open up if he does get himself into trouble of some sort. Without that level of trust, he will feel judged by you and may avoid seeking your advice when he could most use it.

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--> No new taxes.:)

He never lied.  I read his lips, he did not create any new taxes.  All he did was raise taxes that already existed.  :)

Now to help address the issue:

How old is your son?  Do you trust him?  The software David-Howard suggested is a good start.
Here's how you get your son's E-Mail account password --> contact Yahoo! If they give it to you, well and good. But there's no magical way for us to suggest. Think about it - if there were some magical way to do it, then everyone would do it, and Yahoo! account passwords wouldn't mean very much, would they?
Echoes every expert in here.

If your really concerned, how about just talking with him open?

Hacking his account is not the answer and is considered illegal by any means, "concerned mother" or not. Experts-exchange is NOT the place to find hacking techniques. I've asked the moderators to view this question.
The other alternative is to demand your son give you his password.

When I was younger, if my parents were concerned about what I was doing they would force their way into my life and find out what was happening.

Spying on your child, assuming that story is true, is a sure fire way to destroy any trust he has in you anyway - while he may be upset that you demanded his password, he will either be all clear, in which case you can apologize and/or reward him - or in danger, in which case you can educate and save him.


Dean ChafeeIT/InfoSec Manager

"No new taxes.:)"   LOL

Back to trying to help the lady... You should probably use a more comprehensive approach like using filtering software like:
This is the one I use and like. it will email you a daily report and it has a profanity filter that works on more than just websites... which would include Yahoo!
Mohamed OsamaSenior IT Consultant

can't add much to the  wise words above, but in case you are indeed looking for your son's best interests in the wild world of the internet ,I totally sympathize with you ,as I have seen how things can go worng especially when a minor is allowed unmonitered use of chat rooms & instant messengers, just use some freeware monitoring & content filtering software , a good place to start

some freeware parental control /Filtering software  www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/security/fwaccess.html  

some freeware activity monitoring software  www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/security/fwaccessmonitoring.htm

These files are freeware , use at your own risk , they exist for a clear purpose , that is monitoring your children 's computer activities when unattended , neither me ,this site ,the software authors can be held responsible for misuse of the software .

a previously concerned father .
As I said ,I have an identity thing issue.

There are a number of secenarios where people want other people's info.

You could be a jealous spouse looking for dirt on your insugnificant other.

Or a sibling looking to snoop on a family member.(Kind of like reading somebody's  diary)

There are just way too many negative possibilities to allow us to answer this question.

I once had a insugnificant other going through my wallet looking for stamps(no REALLY,that's what she said) .

This came after she accusind me of having telephone numbers of other women in my wallet.

Privacy is a precious thing,so if you have no trust ,you better figure out how to build some.

I would suggest asking your son straight-out.  While you may not realize it, younger people today consider e-mail and online conversations to be little different than using the phone or communicating in person -- you wouldn't particularly expect your mother or father to wire you without your knowledge when talking to a friend, would you?  While you may indeed only be intending to protect him, it's likely that attempting to get his e-mail in this method will cause a huge loss of trust between you when it's found out.  If he is doing something you wouldn't want him to do, this will instead cause him to be smarter about it and hide it even better.

You should certainly just talk to him about it first.  The funniest things will stick with children all of their lives.  Invasion of privacy is one of them.

Bet you didn't realize we were such a bunch of concerned citizens, did you?  You wanted to know the best way, and speaking with him honestly about what you're concerned about and why is the best approach.
Tolomir -
Feel free to refund her points.  She didn't really get what she was after and I'm not really here for the points.
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Well I think AdamRobinson should get these points, but that is just a suggestion.