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application listening on

billwharton used Ask the Experts™
I have a documentation cd from a vendor and when you run an exe file on this cd, it starts a virtual web server at this address:

Once it starts the web server you can pretty much browse all the web pages within the web server but can only do so locally on that machine since it's listening on I tried accessing this machine's actual LAN address ( from another machine on the LAN and that port doesn't come up open.

What I need to do is share this documentation CD for all LAN computers and hence need for the virtual web server to bind to and not
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I'm assuming this is installed on a Win 2k3 machine since thats the forum we're in!

So assuming that the first place you need to check is in IIS admin tool.  Expand the web sites folder under your server's name and then right click on the web site that the app is installed on and click on properties.  In the IP address you need to make sure that it says there and then click on the Advanced button make sure that there is a listing in the upper portion of the resulting window that lists the address on port 80 and isn't expecting a header value of

If this doesn't fix the problem we need to take a closer look at the appliciation a little closer.  I have installed apps before that manage their header values seperately from IIS.
Pete LongTechnical Consultant

- Is the 2K3 firewall turned on?


yes w2k3 and nopes, the firewall ain't turned on

This vendor's CD doesn't use IIS to host a website. It simply holds its own web server and starts it off on port 8787 but does the listening not on a LAN card IP address but on Hence, the web server is reachable only from that particular w2k3 server and not from any other computers in the LAN and that's the exact problem I'm trying to solve here

Pete LongTechnical Consultant

LOL sorry Bill I didnt realise who has posted.

If you port scan the Server what ports are open? also with the application running what does the netstat command tell you?
Top Expert 2005

Do you have IIS installed?

You may be able to create a temporary site and dump the CD to it - since it's running it's own webserver just figure out where it stores this site on the CD and copy that into your IIS site.

Pete LongTechnical Consultant

Good Idea :) or has this application installed Apache Tomcat as its web server? I'm not that sharp with Apache but I'm willing to bet there is a management console that will change the listening IP from loopback to public


the application hasn't installed anything. It pretty much runs the entire web server out of a single .exe file which I can see in processes - mono.exe and has no traces of any commercially known web server
Technical Consultant
At A guess Id say this was a .net application that was built specially using Mono http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page 
If that is the case then you are snookered unless you possess a decompiler and know how to code