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HI experts ..

what is OOP??
what is polymorphism??
what is inheritance??
what is encapsulation??
what is interface??

Is there a difference in OOP between C++ and JAVA ??

Actually, I don't have any experience in JAVA programming ..
I want answers from your own words (EXPERTS)..
I have an interview after 3 hours (I'm fresh graduates)..

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Frankly, you would be better off making it clear what you don't know, instead of trying to BS past some interviewer. Part of MY interviewing techinque is not to see whether candidates know all the catchphrases and concepts, but rather are they smart, are they able to learn new skills (although obviously I want some existing level of technical ability!), can they solve problems, are they flexible, what kind of work ethic do they have, would they fit in with the culture of out team, etc.

Don't try to BS - while the interviewer may fall for it, it is certain that your future collegues and/or supervisor won't. Just don't take the fact that you may not know the answer as a negative, turn it around. The last time I went to an interview, and was asked 'Do you know this language', my answer was 'No, but give me 2 weeks'. I ended up getting the job.

P.S. It is more important that you can demonstrate that you understand the concepts than it is to be able to quote a textbook definition
OOP - object oriented programming
Polymorphism -  to have different operations under the same name, for example, methods implemente differently but that have the same name, the operator overriding like in C++
Inheritance - in some cases, a class will have subclasses, more specialized versions of a class. When multiple ancestors are used is called multiple inheritance.
Encapsulation - the OOP weay to hide the details of implementation from the client of the class
Interface - is a description of a set of methods that conforming implementing classes must have.

The main difference betweeen JAVA and C++ in OOP are:

- management of objects (no destructors in JAVA, finalizse() instead)
- multiple inheritance (in Java interfaces appeared, in C++ it is alloweed)

Hope this helps,

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Thanx Nightman ;o)
Actually, It is a second interview for the same company ..
In The first interview I was asked about OOP and I gave answers from my own experience in C++ and C# ..

On native Unix systems, you should be able to run shell scripts directly. On systems running a Unix-type shell (for example, Cygwin on Windows) execute the (command) shell instead - cmd  for batch files, sh for shell scripts - then pass the batch file or shell script (plus any arguments to the script) as a single command, using the /c or -c switch, respectively. See the above section  for example <exec> tasks executing sh. For batch files, use something like:

<exec dir="." executable="cmd" os="Windows NT">
  <arg line="/c test.bat"/>

Use properties. Using ant -Dname=value lets you define values for properties on the Ant command line. These properties can then be used within your build file as any normal property: ${name} will put in value.

If you have more questions, read here:

sorry, wrong post


never mind ;o) Thanx for your answers ..

Well, I wish you the best of luck with your interview - the fact that they have Asked (pun intended) you to come back is a positive sign ;)


>>a positive sign ;)
I hope that ;o) ..

I'm thinking about why you have sent ..
>>The last time I went to an interview, and was asked 'Do you know this language', my answer was 'No, but give me 2 >>weeks'. I ended up getting the job.
If the interviewer asked me that question, I think I'll answer the same way you did ;o)

Is there anything else I should know before the interview??

I guess my answer was pure arrogance, but I firmly believe that there is nothing that we can't learn or do if we put our minds to it. This is actually the leading reason for success - 10% aptitude, 90% attitude.

Just be honest, present yourself fairly (and positively) and you should do fine. Don't be intimidated if the senior technical team ask you questions - they were there as well, and while they probably have a lot of experience now, they are not superheroes.

And read Joel Spolsky's 'The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing' (http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000073.html) - you never know if they have ;)


>>I'm thinking about why you have sent ..
OOPS .. typo .. it is what not why ..;o)


>>I guess my answer was pure arrogance
sorry .. once again ;o) I believe that you deserved that position ..

heh, heh  -  so did I. I guess being blessed with an overabundence of self confidence certainly makes a difference, but it convinced them as well.

Now I do the technical interviewing ...
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Greate Link!!
Thanx Nightman ;o)
I did well in the interview .. The Questions was NON-technical ;o) ..
I don't know if I'll get hired .. The interviwer will send to me (HIRE/NO HIRE) email ;o)
So, wish me luck !!


Glad it went well, and good luck with the follow up ;o)

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