Small (1px) Design Problem

Hi there,

is the place. Sorry about the color. It's a bit too red ...

The porblem appears in FIREFOX but not in IE6.

Between the menu items there is a small 1px gap, except below the last item. Why? According to my CSS it should display the same 1px separator. It seems that no padding is displayed even if I set it to 10px.

Any idea?

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tatkuuConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I can't see any problem. I tried to compare IE6 and Firefox 1.5 but they seem to look the same.

HonorGodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I too see no problem, and I'm using FF
Do you see it regardless of the language being displayed?
I couldn't see it, but I only tried the default (Japanese) and English

However, I do not have anything but (American) English installed on my system.  I wonder if that might be contributing
Same here no problems!
Im useing FF
There is problems with the borders in IE 7 though! just thought i'de point that out!
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the only 1px gap I'm seeing is what looks like a 1px bordering around each button. But I assume that's on purpose. If so, then agreed, its the same on FireFox, IE6 and Opera.
Mark GilbertSenior Performance EngineerCommented:
No problem experienced in IE 7 or ff here.
beni_luediAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

I changed the design. That's why it looks OK now. Before I had a div and inside a few anchor tags as block elements. And at the bottom of the div I had a 1px padding and at the bottom of the anchor tag I had a 1px margin. But it didn't display that 1px (or 2px) gap.

Thanks everybody for your help anyway.

Thanks for the 'A'
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