Need help installing a sonicwall 2040 with following network settings

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I need help installing my sonicwall firewall 2040.  My network settings are as follows.
I have a main machine IP adress of
Main IP:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: 205.252.89.

Then, I have a block of IP addresses assigned to us. through 125

The question is, how would I go about installing the firewall.  Sonic wall was not sure, but said that they think i would have to use Private and Public doing the following:

WAN Settings
Wan  Nat Enabled
wan subnet
wan gateway router address

Sonicwall LAN IP address
Lan subnet

Under One to One Nat
We have two machines, so we would have to assign two separate entries.

Private begin
Public  length 27

Second Entry
public begin length 1

Can anyone help?  

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if you have enhanced firmware:
for the one to one nat you will need to create a inbound and outbound nat policy and a firewall access rule to allow this traffic.
page 9,10,11. you can create an address object for a server first with the ip address you are using then when configuring the nat policy and firewall access rule use the address object from the drop down list.
to configure your wan and lan interface see chapter 11 here


Thanks, however I am not a network engineer and none of this makes sense to me.  Was wondering if someone could assist by indicating what addresses go where?
on the network settings page
use IP
wan subnet
wan gateway router address for the wan ip info, your 205.x.x.x address did you get that from your ISP?

Sonicwall LAN IP address
Lan subnet
use this for the lan ip address, The is the default address that ships with the sonicwall you can change it too a different address like 192.168.50.x or whatever. the PC'S on the lan need to use the same ip or obtain ip address automatically.

on the system status page > System Information are you using standard or enhanced firmware?
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i am using standard firmware


"205.x.x.x address did you get that from your ISP?"

That is my main machine IP.. yes, they gave me that address.  Does this make a difference?


I can download the enhanced firmware if that helps..
Have you configured the lan and wan settings in the firewall? your above lan and wan addresses go in the network > settings page in the sonicwall.


yes, they have. I called sonic wall and they said i have to use 1 to 1 nat.  Remember, the servers right now have public IP's assigned to them.  So my question is now is i guess i have to change the server IP settings to private.  However, since we run a DNS server on the other side for public IP's, how does that work?

These are my settings currently.
Under network settings            IP      Subnet
WAN      NAT Enabled


one to one nat      Private Begin      Public Begin      Length      27      1

you can assign private IP's to the servers then your above setting will work, what type of servers are you using? with windows servers you use the IP of the domain controller 192.168.168.x as your internal dsn server and you use forwarders and root hints for extrenal dns


It is not possible with the above settings.  Please close question.

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