how to add a style to items within a CheckBoxList?

I have a CheckBoxList to which I wish to add a specific style from the css page to format the text size.
How do I achieve this?

I hjave tried adding the attribute 'CssStyle="txtSmall"' to the tag such as <asp:CheckBoxList CssStyle="txtSize" id="lbCostCenter" Runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" RepeatColumns="2" RepeatDirection="Horizontal"  width=100% />/>
But this does not work. It renders the page as <table id="lbCostCenter" class="txtSmall" border="0" style="width:100%;"> but the text for each CheckBox is the wrong size ie the css style is not applied.
If I try adding code to the cs page such as :
lbCostCenter.Attributes["CssClass"] = "txtSmall";
lbCostCenter.CssClass = "txtSmall";
but the result is exactly the same as the first attempt.

How do I force each <input ... />to read <input ... CssClass="txtSmall" />
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where u specify the style sheet? i mean the path..... first try copy this style class txtSize in your aspx page... then save close the application and restart it... check it is working or not
spaceplannerAuthor Commented:
Hi Roopesh,
I tried what you suggested but to no avail.
I do have the style defined in many other places in the app which all work fine. It is just this CheckBoxList that does not work
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hiii frd check box list is rendered in different format in out put thats y its not go through this link this defenitly help you

hey give like this

asp:ListItem Value="<span
 class='txtSmall'>Maintenance Tasks</span>" />
<asp:ListItem Value="<span
 class='txtSmall'>Financial Tasks</span>" />
<asp:ListItem Value="<span
 class='txtSmall'>Corporate Tasks</span>" />
spaceplannerAuthor Commented:
The article is very interesting but it doesn't seem to help.
As you can see from below I am able to insert the 'CssClass=txtSmall' into a ,span. but it has no effect.

alCostCenter.Add(new AddValue("<span CssClass=txtSmall >" + dsCostCenter.Tables[0].Rows[i][0].ToString()+ " - " + dsCostCenter.Tables[0].Rows[i][1].ToString() + "</span>",dsCostCenter.Tables[0].Rows[i][0].ToString()));                                                

Page source:                        
td><input id="lbCostCenter_3" type="checkbox" name="lbCostCenter:3" onclick="__doPostBack('lbCostCenter$3','')" language="javascript" /><label for="lbCostCenter_3"><span CssClass='txtSmall' >1234 - IT Support</span></label></td>
use html control inted off aspx control
spaceplannerAuthor Commented:
what a bloody mess :P

thanks for all your help Roopesh.
My text will remain large for nwo ;)
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