Is it possible to assign a favicon to a bookmarklet in the browsers link bar?

JakobA used Ask the Experts™
And if it is, How do I do it ?

regards JakobA
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Mark StegglesWeb Developer
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Greetings JakobA,

If you have a favicon in your root and this in your html <head> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />, that's all you need



Steggs >>

True, but that is the way to set a favicon for a webpage.

I have some bookmarklets in my browser and I would like to assign favikons to those bookmarklets without regard to witch webpage I am looking at at any given time.

regards JakobA
Hey JakobA,

this is not easily done. Furthermore this is very browser specific.
Generally I would not modify it.

In firefox in your profile folder you have a bookmarks.html.
There you can add a ICON attribute to the links if it hasnt already. Then you would have to paste the string representation of the icon as the attributes value, e.g.

Firefox must be closed otherwise it may be overwritten.
This only works in firefox however. Not sure how to do it in IE.



Bingo. thanks :-))

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