Frameset alignment problem with browsers


I have a top and bottom frameset.

both frame page with image centered on the page.

problem is, when preview in IE, it's good.

but not in firefox browser, the bottom frame image went off grid, slightly to the right side.

any idea?

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arvanhalleorgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is the scrollbar. Firefox includes it in the width of the page. IE will ignore it.
Try making a check for the browser type and setting the margin-left:20px; or however many pixels the scrollbar takes up.

Is your page in the net or can you show some code?

ilovekeatAuthor Commented:
i just uploaded the files here:

any experts willing to chip in to help, please view here with your firefox and IE browser.

thank you
ilovekeatAuthor Commented:
I am increasing the points here with additional Question here.

Since this is frameset design, and intended to put in some drop down menu script on the top frame under the image bar.

any idea how can put in the code and align to the image properly ?

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