Alternative for Sysprep

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Hello Expert,

I was wondering if there is some kinda software that do the same
thing as Sysprep.
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this about "IMAGE MANEGER"

it's full solution for imaging and deploy OS across network
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An alternative is to use NewSID from Sysinternals.

I believe that once you use NewSID, you'll never use sysprep again.

Good Luck,

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Whats wrong with system prep are you having problmes using it?
What operating system? What setup?
There is over 30 different guides for each operating system and then some for updates.
Get google and try searching for a few. Lots of good stuff.
for IE
for firefox

How to use the Sysprep tool to automate successful deployment of Windows XP

Changes in behavior of the SysPrep and RIPREP tools after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Deployment Tools
sysprep does more than just change the sid. What exactly do you use sysprep for?


Hello Experts,

Thank you very much for you're detailed info, it was more than i expected.
Keep up the good work

Kind Regards
Thank you stevenvervliet always a pleasure to help out
cheers M

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