Optimize Tablet PC running XP

I have 30 Motion M1200 Tablet PC that our employees use for one custom application, Internet access to 1 website and daily dialup sync.  They have no Office applications installed and no email.

These Tablets have 866 mhz Mobile PIII with 256 meg of ram, running Windows XP Mobile.

I am trying to speed up and optimize these for the best possible performance for these few limited applications including shorter boot up and shut down.

My first thought was to upgrade the memory to 512 and I tried that on one unit without any real difference in performance.  Originally we ran these without any virus or spyware protection which helped with performance, but some employees just can't resist using the internet and junking them up.

I have tried all kinds of recommended things like changing the Boot.ini timeout from 30 sec to 3 second, which did not change the bootup time at all.

All the standard Disk cleanup, defrag does not really help.  Still too slow even with fresh install of Windows.

Anyone have any ideas that may really help?  I know an 866 mhz processor is not state of the art, but I am trying to get another year or two out of these.

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This is the best, most complete and informative site I've seen on optimizing XP:


This site has a great deal of information on many steps to optimize XP, in categories such as:  removing viruses, spyware and other malware; keeping MS patches updated through Windows Update; making sure all drivers are updated; various tweaks involving the registry, use of virtual memory, the Recycle Bin and System Restore usage; a number of optimizing utilities; disabling of unnecessary Windows services; and much more...
waytronAuthor Commented:
You are correct, that is the best combination of information I have seen.  Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you.  I will leave this question open for a little longer just incase someone else wants to comment.
Hi waytron my personal choice is a full format delete the partition and clean install on a new hdd. If there is not much on this wont be a lot to put back.
Regestry gets bogged down and hdd get worn. these contribute to slowndown the most.
the next is the ram v processor spped, if the processor speed is a bit low it forces the ram to do the work.

These Tablets have 866 mhz Mobile PIII with 256 meg of ram, running Windows XP Mobile<< the processor speeds here definately a bit a low.
the ram is this sdram or ddr?

How old is the computers mainboard?
CMOS battery?
How long since you checked the PSU is pushing out the correct power
also for dust buildup inside the case on the heatsink and fans, the thermal jel is ok on the processor as heat will definately slow things.

Also look in control panel administrative tools event viewer applications errors.
if you see any events similar to this will cause a slow log off and log on>>
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Userenv
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1517
Windows saved user ComputerName\UserName registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use. This is caused by services running as a user account, try configuring the services to run in either the LocalService or NetworkService account.
This issue may occur if Microsoft Windows or third-party programs such as printer drivers or virus scanners do not stop and release resources when you log off your computer
To resolve this issue, use the Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service (UPHClean). UPHClean monitors the computer while Windows is unloading user profiles and forces resources that are open to close. Therefore, the computer can unload and reconcile user profiles.

To download and install UPHClean, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=1B286E6D-8912-4E18-B570-42470E2F3582 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=1B286E6D-8912-4E18-B570-42470E2F3582)

cheers Merete

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waytronAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, I agree with the clean install.  I do this all the time.  Unfortunitly with these tablets, I can only reimage the drives.  The original image is provided by the software vendor and they will not provide any installation information or software.  All I can do and have done in the past is reimage a tablet and then tweak it, test the software to make sure it is still working and then take a new image to use on other units.  I normally reimage all units about every 6 months unless there is a problem like a drive failure.

To me this does not even seem legal, but it works....

These units use PC133 SDRAM.

In general, these units are slow and is really not an issue of age.  Even when units have come back from Motion with new motherboards and other parts, they are still slow.  All I am trying to do is Tweak and optimize Windows to see if I can improve them. Once I get the optimal combination, I will take a new image to use on the rest of the units.
:) yep. With the above suggestions from Lee and myself I would say you are covered waytron
thanks for the feedback.
Regards M
waytron, any feedback?
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