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citrix not connecting

bman9111 used Ask the Experts™
It doesn't matter either internal or external the programs will not open.

If I right click on the application and click save it creates a launch.ica file on my desktop. When I open it in notepad I get the external IP address I should. However when I click on it to open it it brings a progress bar then the icon disappears. It doesnt do anything. If I do this internally I get an error:

cannot connect to the citrix metaframe server.
there is no citrix metaframe server configured on the specified address.

I have no idea what the problem could be.
I used altaddr /set then the external IP

I also made sure the web console was configured like internalip:1494 externalip:1494

Any ideas what I am missing. It has to be a simple piece.

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Much more information needed! Explain what you mean by internal or external please.

You open Citrix Program Neighborhood to configure the Citrix ICA client. You will never be able to connect unless the Server is running a Citrix farm and it is properly configured. Also the User Account must be set up to allow Remote dial in.

What version of Citrix is being run on the Server e.g Presentation Server 4.0
What version of Citrix Client is being run on the PC e.g Version 7.00
Are you trying to connect remotely to a network which includes a server that runs a Citrix farm?
Is there 1 PC that cannot connect and all others can
OR are you trying to connect for the first ever time?

The error you refer to is a standard error when connections fail.
Ordinarily you connect to the internet, then to the remote network using VPN or equivalent which connects via the external address of the router. Once VPN is connected then and only then can you connect the CITRIX desktop based on the internal address of the server that the Citrix farm lives on.

The Citrix ICA Client settings usually work best using TCP/IP as the protocol, the internal address of the server as the Address, the name of the Server as the location.  You do not use a router address with the ICA Client.

More info needed, but remember that you open Citrix Program Neighborhood to configure the Citrix ICA client from the Start menu

Frankie (thewordthe)


metaframe xp is the program. and we had the ability to type in a web address and the metaframe web interface would open up. the user would log in and they would see there published applications.

We have changed servers and now that part all works but when the user clicks on the published app they get an error:

Something like the no citrix metaframe server configured on the specified address. I looked at the ica and it is showing the external ip that we have in our router that is then forwarded to our internal ip.

I am not sure what is wrong.

If we try to access this internally we get the same error.

ARe you using Program Neighborhood.

Do the following. Right Click on the Application Icon. Choose properties.
Click on the Firewalls button. Put a check next to the line that says, "Use alternate address for Firewall Connection"

Also on your Firewall/Router you must have Nating enabled and A public IP for each of your Citrix Boxes.

In Citrix Access Suite Console if you have your site setup.  

This is the way for Address Translation
Choose Manage Secure Client Access > Edit Address Translations - Put the Prinvate IP to the Real IP for each Citrix Box in there.
Now under Choose Manage Secure Client Access >Edit DMZ Settings
1.  Edit Default and choose - translated
2.  Click on add and put your local Subnet exp. and put as Direct.  
3.  On your Citrix boxes take out the altaddr
Your users from inside and outside will be able to access.



actually guys got it working.

I needed to configure the ip with altaddr.

thanks though guys