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hi experts

we have moved location and now using a new isp.

i have conected the server up, i have confiugured everything and getting internet.

the mail exhange is conected BUt only recieves emails... what do i need to change for outgoing mail.

i know with pop 3 the out going has to be changed? is this the case for exchange server and how do i do this.

Thank you
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Dear Avision27,
Make sure that your Gateway server is able to resolve the External DNS and able to connect to the SMTP port 25 externally. If the mails are not going then do the SMTP test and find if there is any issue with the Gateway server.

Follow these article and test the SMTP gateway

After doing the test post the results and i will help you.

Inbarasan, do you read any of the things you post?

Those links are for inbound email - how is that going to help outbound mail?

Avision27, how are your routing mail, via DNS or with a smarthost?

Open up Exchange System Manager > Drill down to your server > protocols > SMTP > (right click) Default SMTP Virtual Server > Properties > Delivery > Advanced

Is there anything in the smarthost box?
If you click configure, is there anything in the DNS server list there?

Cancel, Cancel

ESM > Your Admin Group > Routing Groups > Your Site Name > Connectors

Do you have a connector there for mail?
If you open that up, on the general tab, is it configured to "Use DNS to route to each address space...." or "Forward all mail through this connector to....."

If you find the old ISPs smart host listed there anywhere, that is going to be your problem - it is rejecting you because you should not have access to use it.  Ask the new ISP for their smarthost, and replace the details with that

Oops. That was my mistake. I think i should double check b4 i post.
Thanks for the correction.
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Since you changed your ISP. There is a few things you need to.

1. Change the NAT policy on firewall with new static ip address, which your new ISP has provided to you.
2. Change the DNS server address in your Default SMTP Virtual server Properties.
3. Change the MX record for your domain.
4. Change the A host record for the host
5. Ask the new ISP to change the PTR record for the new static ip address which was issued to you.
6. You might also have to change the NS record for your domain, if the NS record for your domain is pointing to your old ISP Name Sever.

If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask?

NITADMIN, I have some questions...

1. the server is already receiving mail, this is obviously done
2. why would you configure static DNS addresses here at all?
3. also, obviously done - the server is receiving mail
4. see point 4
5. what makes you think that the new ISP is hosting the DNS records?
 5a. even if the old IP address had the old pointer, what would it matter?  you need a NEW pointer, which is on the address, not domain
6. why would you need to change NS records?



Thankyou -REd and NITADMIN

alot of helpfull information here that helped me get it all running again 100%

it was to do with the Virtual DNS delevery

i changed the DNS to the correct addresss of the new ip and its seems to be ok now.... mail takes alittle bit longer to reach like an extra 5 - 10mins but all working anyway

Cheers to Red and also to NITADMIN

this one goes to you -Red i want to see you hit #1 as you have helped me out a few times now.

Lol, thanks Avision27, but with Sembee around, I don't like my chances :)

I am but a mere student at his feet, thank you for the compliment though :))


I am glad to have helped.



Just in regards to this topic.

I have found again some problems... Another reason for mail being not sent and delayed is i have looked in the administrator groups/ server QUEUES and found a mass build up of spam. and possibly viruses on the server. the email is building up from SPAM every seconded causing it to jam all emails from massive spam.

Im just trying to figure a solution to get rid of it.

Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003?

If so, recipient filtering and tarpitting should drop all the incorrectly addressed spam at the gateway, which will mean that exchange will not try to send NDRs to non existant domains

If it is exchange 2000, then you will need something else, such as GFI MailEssentials/MailSecurity


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