Trim MySQL string problem


I am trying to trim an SQL query string.  I have done the following which works good;

SQL = SQL.Replace("  ", "")

I also need to replace the character '     however My SQL statements require this, but any of my variables which pull info into the SQL string could possibly contain this character and therefore the following would mess up the query

 'SupportPC', 'intel's pentium'

Intel's contains this character.

Is there a way around this?
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yes in MSSQL you do
SQL = SQL.Replace("'", "''")
in MySQL
i think you do SQL = SQL.Replace("'", "'\")
please try both and see if any progress is made
I would say your best bet would be to escape the ' char before you add it to the sql string.  You can replace the ' in a string to a double '' (not quote, 2 tics) to allow sql to read it, but there is no good way to be able to pick out the quote tics from the string tics.
nickmarshallAuthor Commented:

I am trying to convert XML nodes to string so that I can check for bad characters;

        Dim SoundManufacturer As XmlNode = XmlDoc.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("//Sound/Manufacturer")

How do I set the above to a string, I though ToString would already make it a string.
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You wouldn't even need the tostring as the InnerText property is defined as a string.

s = SoundManufacturer.InnerText.Replace("'", "''")
nickmarshallAuthor Commented:
Just tried the above with the second line and it still works, so this is not doing anything?

How would I trim the first line here?
To trim you would use the following

nickmarshallAuthor Commented:
I get "S" not declared when using;

s = SoundManufacturer.InnerText.Replace("'", "''")
s was just an example of the variable to place it into

Dim s As String
s = SoundManufacturer.InnerText.Replace("'", "''")
s will contain the text of SoundManufacturer.InnerText with a single ' replaced by double.

You can use:
SoundManufacturer.InnerText = SoundManufacturer.InnerText.Replace("'", "''")
to replace the text in the actual node.

If you post your code and what you want to do I'll post the code you should use.

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