How can I put a CD image on a USB Flash Drive and boot from it?

I have a 8 GB Memorex Travelmate flash drive and I want to install a Winternals CD image on it and boot from it. Is there a way to do this?

If not, is there a way to boot to a Windows XP CD image on the flash drive?
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MetropolitenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hope that is what u are looking for

have lately met.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
using bootable OS like BartPE on a flash drive:
using your own OS on a flash drive:
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
You might want to be careful of putting an os on a flashdrive.

They have a finite number of times they can be written to before they are exhausted.  That's why you want to use them for file storage and not running an OS or playing games on them.

The file i/o is fairly intensive and will shorten the lifespan.
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DocomonAuthor Commented:
I would really rather have the Winternals CD image on the drive instead. Any ideas?
hi there,

here is a link that clears it out.
and do not hesistate to ask if something  isn't clear over there.
DocomonAuthor Commented:
It appears that the above article applies to a Windows 98 boot up. I want to boot up with Windows XP only for the purposes of installing the OS on a computer and for running recovery console,  Not to RUN it from the USB Drive.
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