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Hey guys,

A guy at work deleted his Outlook.pst file.  I don't think there's a way to retrieve it.  It's not in the recycle bin.  Does anyone know of a way to recover that file?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, warriorfan808 !

If he just deleted the PST and did not overwrite it with a new PST file, then you can use one of these recovery programs to recover the file

PC Inspector
Active Undelete
Flash Recovery
TestDisk & utilities

Recovery My Files
Restorer 2000
Easy Recovery
Zero Assumption

If a new PST file have overwritten the old file, then the file cannot be recovered. You need to find a backup or achieve.pst file.

Best wishes!
warriorfan808Author Commented:
So far, Free Undelete didn't work.  Trying out PC Inspector, but it's taking a while.  I'll keep you and everyone else updated, just in case someone else has this problem and finds this thread, on my findings.

FreeUndelete does have a paid email recovery agent and it does have a demo version, but it will only work if you have the .pst file.  Basically recovers deleted emails from the .pst file.
PC Inspector should work.  I did not know Free Undelete is no longer free.
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warriorfan808Author Commented:
Free Undelete is free, but it will not work for pst files.  They tell you to use their email recovery agent that costs money.

PC Inspector only recovered Jpegs.  I later looked and noticed it was a setting.  I tried to scroll down and select a different file type, but it seemed to only list either picture formats for codecs.  Also, I was unable to switch the default for the size of file being found.  It kept going back to 15mb.


Did the outlook.pst file get over written?  If not, and file is deleted, PC Inspector should find a file ~utlook.pst.  Put the "o" back for "~".
warriorfan808Author Commented:
Thanks war1
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