Can’t add programs to camera autoplay menu despite changes to Tweakui / Autoplay / Handlers

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Windows XP Professional, ver2002, SP2 -- When I plugin a canon powershot s30 digital camera, I get a “powershot s30” autoplay menu that lists about five programs (some adobe, some Microsoft).  I want to add other programs to the list, e.g. Picasa.

I ran TweakUI, and went to the Autoplay / Handers menu. Picasa is listed. I checked all the “supported media” including digital images, which was already checked. No change.

So I went to my computer, and right-clicked on the camera / properties / events. Under the “events” dropdown on the Events tab, there were two possible choices, “powershot s30 connected” and “default”. Changes made under  “powershot s30 connected” made no difference to the autoplay menu that appears when I plugin the camera, so I am working only with “default”. (Also, under the “powershot s30 connected” event, when I tried to assign a program to always open the device with a particular program, the list there had MORE programs to choose from -- maybe even PICASA (our goal), I can’t remember for sure. But since that dropdown choice didn’t affect our situation I had to go with “default” -- which had the smaller list of apps.)

Under the DEFAULT event (still on the Properties / Events page), under the choice for assigning a program to always open the device, this menu the same limited number of programs that I got from the autoplay menu that opens when “allow me to choose from a list” is checked under the Events tab).

(FYI - in My Computer, the device is listed under “scanners and cameras” as "powershot s30", and is not assigned a drive letter.   FYI2 - I ran autofix.exe from Microsoft – no effect.)


(1) Given what I tried already:  How do I add a program – to THIS SPECIFIC LIST?  

(2) Why didn’t the changes under TweakUI to Autoplay / Handers (checking off Picasa / Digital Images) have any effect?

(3) Does #2 above have to do with this issue of having two closely related events – “powershot s30 connected” and “default”?

(4) Or do the properties of the powershot make this too complicated for TWEAK UI to do alone?

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Hi often times programs that we would like to use in the auto play are not default, I find after a few times of using the open with, with these programs I choose will stay in the open with menue alongside the default.
Because your not actually opening the camera with Picasa but rather the images?
You would remove the asssociation to the default camera away and associate all the giff images .mov whatever to this Picasa instead is this an option you want?

If you assign a file association to this Picasa for the digital camera it may effect the entire range of files that fall under the profile of editing or giff jpeg .mov as an example.
In the tools  folder options file types here is where you can change the asociation but it is a dangerous move as it will effect all .

Will it work with my camera?
Picasa is designed to work with all digital cameras.
Make sure you have the latest software and drivers installed for your camera and then install Picasa to test the importing features.

So for your case uninstall and do a new install of Picasa and it should works. Download latest ver 2.5
While installing the Picasa you need to enable the picasa as a default photo editor, after installation first time when you open you need to connect the camera and open with picasa to collect all the information. hence next time this will help you to make the picasa as a default editor


Merete - I know how to use "open with" to change prog association with image file TYPES -- but here I want to open the CAMERA with Picasa, that's the whole point. (is that possible)?  (My customer is has parkinsons and I want to make things as automatic, with as few instructions and mouse clicks, as possible.)   So when you say, "file association to this Picasa for the digital camera"  -- that's what I want to understand. Does a device even have a "file association"?

Merete - Yes, picasa is already in the "open with" quick menu. That I'm comfortable with. I'm concerned here PRECISELY with the autoplay menu / program list that opens when I plug in the camera.

Merete - the camera generates / contains JPG files, and I assigned jpg/jpe/jpeg files to be opened by the generic windows image viewer - but that did NOT result in this program appearing in the camera autoplay list. (We're not talking about the open with menu, remember).  So I assume the same would fail to happen for PIcasa.  FYI, some programs on the camera autoplay list aren't image progs , e.g. "Microsoft Publisher".

imacgouf - I freshly installed the newest picasa - and it does import pictures manually when I MANUALLY run picasa. BUt that's a separate issue.

krishlibero - does making a program "default photo editor" equate to setting it as the default "open with" program for jpg filetypes? Or is it separate?  I don't remember getting that option when installing picasa, but I could try when I go back.

Thank you for explaining.
In most cases, simply connecting your digital camera to the computer using your USB cable should prompt you to select a method to download the pictures. If you are using Windows XP and receive the prompt asking you how to download the pictures, simply select Picasa . The pictures will instantly start loading into Picasa Import Tray.

You can also perform an import manually. Make sure your camera is connected to the computer. Just click the "Import" button in Picasa. At the top of the import screen, click "Select Device" and choose your camera. Images will begin to load instantly

Why can't I import in Picasa
In some instances, problems will arise with Picasa, Windows, or your digital camera software that prevents importing. This is most common with Windows 98, ME, and 2000. XP has built in software for communicating with devices like digital cameras and will commonly be able to import from them without the necessity of installing the camera software.


Thanks Merete --
"connecting your digital camera to the computer using your USB cable should prompt you to select a method to download the pictures. If you are using Windows XP and receive the prompt asking you how to download the pictures, simply select Picasa"
Yes - but how to add "PICASA" to this list of programs ("how to download the pictures")?  The easiest way I found on google was to use TweakUI, but it failed to add Picasa to the list. (See above)
Again, the issue may be related to there being two "event" types, “powershot s30 connected” and “default”. The first successfully reflects the programs added via tweakui.  But that's not what appears upon connection. The second event ("default") has the limited program list, w hich pops up upon connection.
Hi one idea, with most digital cameras they have the install disc with probably some program that interfaces with the camera a default viewer etc.

If you uninstall this program or these belonging to the digital camera maybe then "PICASA" will default to the list of options to open with.
Cant hurt to try as you have the install disc .
As you say here>>
When I plugin a canon powershot s30 digital camera, I get a “powershot s30” autoplay .. uninstall powershot.
What happens after you uninstall powershot?
Can you open Picasa and direct it to the camera now?
Windows will eventually remeber that Picasa is the default viewer.

I have a Lumax digital  camera that has all these programs on a cd, if I dont install any I simply get the windows asking me what I wish to do once I plug in teh usb cable... I navigate to my computer the newly created virtual drive ( f )  and copy out my pictures from there.
The mass storage device and on my taskbar the safely remove icon. I then stop the mass storage device. Unplug the USB. Done.
Of course I am not using Picasa.


Merete, that sounds like it will work, thanks. I will try this when I return to the site - if I don't get the chance, I'll awared the points. thx
:) look forward to it..


Dunno when I will return, am awarding points.

Thanks everyone, will try these suggestions!

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