Array of DataRows to DataTableReader

I am performing searches on datatables using the select command. I am aware that this will return an array of datarows.
What is the easist was of putting this info into a datatablereader? Or if possible perform a search on the datatable to return a datatablereader straight off?
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This feature is not there in 1.1 Ver but i guess is available in could do something like this

Dim dtr As DataTableReader = ds.Tables(0).GetDataReader

Take a look at the below url for more new DataSet Features in ADO.Net 2.0
Gautham JanardhanCommented:
what does it mean? is it data reader
If you can get the Array of DataRows...why do you need the DataReader?
Very Confusing describe in detail
fred2k3Author Commented:
gauthampi for a definition of a DataTableReader:

I need to search information from within  a 'data set'.

The overall aim is to return an object which has inherited from the interface: IDataReader. That is why I am trying to return a DataTableReader.

Is this clearer?
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