Hosting Email and Website with Different Companies

I am looking at doing the following:
1) Register a domain name with Go Daddy
2) Webmedley host the website.  Need to stick with Webmedley for short term since people are most familiar with this application.
3) Qwest host email.

I have been advised against the above, since it could make troubleshooting a problem difficult.  My goal was to have Qwest host our email.

Another solution provided by Go Daddy was to have Webmedley host the website and Go Daddy host the email.  This way if we need to change website hosts, our email would not need to be changed.  It would be nice to have the flexibilty to change website hosts with minimial inpack to email.  It probably does not look like there is a good solution in order to have Qwest host our email.

Please advise what the best setup would be for a new domain involving Qwest, Webmedley and Go Daddy.  

Thanks for your help.
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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"It would need to be routed to Webmedley and the MX files changed at Webmedley to forward them to Qwest.  If that is the case, then when we change website hosting companies then I will need to have the new host point the MX records to Qwest."

The mail itself does not have to be routed to Webmedley, but the DNS query does IF you are using your hosting company (Webmedley) as your DNS provider as well.

You are assuming that you have to have your DNS with your hosting company and that's not the case.  In fact, you are better off having your hosting and DNS separate.  GoDaddy offers a good DNS service with your domain registration, but there are also excellent DNS services available, some free ( and some very inexpensive (

If you are not familiar with DNS and creating DNS records, well ... that's what EE is for.
redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi r_may,

There is no problem with hosting email and website seperate, infact, it is a good idea!

Did whoever told you it is a bad idea have something to gain out of it by any chance??

There would be no problem with GoDaddy hosting the domain, Webmedley hosting the Website and Qwest hosting your email - and troublshooting should be relatively straight forward.

Here is a list of GREAT reasons why you would want to split this up ->

Hope that helps,

CWS (haripriya)Commented:
When you have email separate and hosting separate, there is a problem in troubleshooting the email problems. If you take a complaint regarding the emails to Qwest or Webmedley, definitely they will try to avoid the troubleshooting.

Qwest will say, your domain is not hosted with us.

Webmedly will say, your emails are not hosted with us.

Whenever any of these servers go down, your emails will get stopped.

If you are doing this for your client, then my advice is don't do it, because you have to answer them. Some clients cannot understand the situation. If it is for you, then, yes, go ahead.
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With all due respect - that is rubbish.

How is email going to be affected by where the website is hosted?

How is the website going to be affected by where email is hosted?

Unless your email system and web site are very tightly wound together, there is no technical reason to have them all with the same provider.

I am not trying to be offensive, but that sounds like typical junk the level 1 ISP helpdesks spew out - and I agree they will - it may just take some screaming to get past the front line monkeys


Just so I am clear, I am not implying YOU are a lvl1 helpdesk monkey :)
Have to add my two cents here: redseatechnologies is completely right and cyberwebservice is completely wrong.

"Webmedly will say, your emails are not hosted with us."
Why would he take a complaint about email to Webmedly if Webmedly is hosting the website and not the email?  Of course they wouldn't help support email if they're not hosting email.

"Qwest will say, your domain is not hosted with us."
However, your email host - Qwest - absolutely would help with your email problem, because they are your email host.  At least, any company that won't support the services they provide is not a company you want to deal with.  I haven't used Qwest myself, but I can tell you from experience that these three excellent email hosts -,, and - will all provide you with excellent support regardless of where your website and domain are located.

"Whenever any of these servers go down, your emails will get stopped."
Simply not true.  If your web server at Webmedly goes down, it won't have the slightest effect on your email.  If your mail server at Qwest goes down, it may effect your email, but not if they're properly set up with redundant servers, etc.
r_mayAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your responses.  

I am a novice at this, but it sounds like I am heading in the right direction with separating the hosting of web and email.  The reason I would like to separate them is that those working on the website would like to change hosts in the next six months but they are not ready to at this point.  Currently, we are not using our domain name for email, but they would like to change to using a domain name for email right now instead of the generic  In addition to setting up our email to use the domain name, the organization would like to use a new domain name which is shorter.  I have a clean slate as far as setting up the new domain name.  My only requirement is that I use Webmedley to host the website and I would like to use Qwest for email but not necessary.  I really do not want to have to mess the email again when they are ready to change to a new website host.  

I have contacted Go Daddy about pointing email records to Qwest and website to Webmedley, but they mentioned that Go Daddy can not directly route the email to Qwest.  It would need to be routed to Webmedley and the MX files changed at Webmedley to forward them to Qwest.  If that is the case, then when we change website hosting companies then I will need to have the new host point the MX records to Qwest.  I really did not want to do it this way.  I wanted the email completely separate, but it does not seem possible.  

Please advise if I am understanding.  Thanks for your help.
r_mayAuthor Commented:
Thanks humeniuk.

You are correct.  My missunderstanding was that the DNS and webhosting needed to happen with the same company.  I believe that this is the heart of the problem and something that Go Daddy did not explain to me.  I will call Go Daddy and let them know I would like to have them register my domain and provide my DNS service, so Go Daddy can be the central point.  I can have Go Daddy set it up so Qwest can be my email host and Webmedley my Website host.  Then, when we go to change website hosts my email remains unchanged and uneffeted from the change.  Is this how you would set it up?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, that's the way to go.  When you get a new host, you can set up and test your website first and when it's ready, you can change your DNS settings to point to the new host's server.
r_mayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyone's help.  I am now on the right track.  
Thanks, good luck with the transfer!

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