need help with some simple actionscripting

OK, I've got this flash file:

Now after the "C" logo quits rolling,  I want something to slide in from the right and fade in, then fade out.

then repeat for 2 other images.

Then I want the 2 words "Campus" and "Computers" to come in like they do now.

I need help doing this.

Many Thanks!
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I cannot see your file but what u need to do is create symbols with motion tweens, you can get change the alpha channel to get the required fade

weikelbobAuthor Commented:

Yes, you are right, but I've never worked with symbols or actionscripting or the alpha channel.
Please be more specific.

hi bob,

to do a motion tween do the following.

create a symbol by clicking insert >> new symbol.. this opens a new window so draw your symbol here / text or what ever. click scene 1 to return to the movie. open your lib.

ctrl + l opens the libary and insert you newly made symbol to the screen....

next step would be go to the time line and insert a keyframe say 50 frames on and move you symbol to a new position. right click on any of the in between frames and select motion tween

test you movie the symbol should move from one postition to the next.

to do some more advanced work you need to be more specfic. Motion tween is the easiest tween to learn there is also a shape tween.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:

How do you do a fade in with actionscripting?
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, I'm going to close this I've got more pressing questions.

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