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I have an image on a white background and I need the white space to go away.  I am making a power point and when the image goes over other objects I still see that annoying white space.  How do I remove the white?  Its a jpeg picture.  Here it is>

Thanks for help!
Wooky JackAsked:
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haim96Connect With a Mentor Commented:
duable click on the layer to release lock
select the white array with magic wand and delete.
save the image as GIF with transpernt or PNG  with transpernt
gopal_krishnaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please download the PDF Document that is in the link and follow the same which will solve your issue. 

Gopal Krishna K
haim96Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hope this will help...

if you need clean the edges with eraesr
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help here, worked beautifully :)  I will award points later, I am hoping more folks will come in here and go to my Power point question. (if its possible to replace images in motion paths without destroying the paths).
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