Native POP3 Connector for SBS 2003

This is a 3rd Party add-in that allows your SBS Server to auto-retrieve e-mail from your ISP using POP3. SBS on it's own doesn't have this ability. In order to get this to work, you have to setup the login name to be identical to your e-mail name (e.g. firstlast is your login and is your e-mail).

I have since created a new user and everything matches. Also the user is enabled in the Native POP3. I cannot figoure out why this isn't working. Hopefully someone else out there has used the software.

So, basically, the messages remain at the ISP. Native POP3 isn't even retrieving them. Apparently we do have the correct number of licenses. Maybe there's a way I can check that?
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Machin__ShinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Registration is not necessary unless they have used it after 20 days, in that case they need to type in the registration code or license key. There are no limitations other than the time limitations for the product listed. Either contact MAPI for an extension of the trial/trial capabilities on or use a valid purchased registration.
SBS does have a POP3 connector. Standard Exchange doesn't, but SBS exchange does.

Have you tried telnetting into your ISP on port 110 and checking the messages like that to make sure that the problem doesn't reside on your login(s)? telnet 110 (change address accordingly)

Are you trying to use DomainPOP?

Are you using Native or Mixed Mode?
pm2001Author Commented:
Correct that there is a POP3 connector in SBS, but they are using a 3rd party add-in from MAPILabs.

Telnet works fine.

We are not using DomainPOP, we are using NativePOP3 from MAPILabs.

It's in Windows 2000 Native Mode. I would need to do more research before raising them to Windows 2003 Native mode.

I suspect there may be some registration issues there. I am attempting to speak to a support rep.
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Have you enabled the NativePOP3 Connector and the Mailboxes contained? You have to right click on them in the exchange system manager console to do so. and you have to do it to both connector and Mailboxes.
The DomainPOP is a way of the program sifting through catchall accounts and delivering to multiple recipients from one POP account.
Also try the basic one, restart the service(s) or server if you are able to.
pm2001Author Commented:
Yes, both NativePOP3 and mailboxes are enabled. I look and it shows the product is unregisterred. I am thinking they forgot to enter their licence key. Is there a limit of 10 users for the eval? They have 11 users.

Sorry, I thought it was a different product. They are using individual for the users (10) and one catchall web mailbox.
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