WMI Configuration problems

Hi all,

Not sure where to post this but hopefully here...

I am trying to install SQL Server 2005 on my laptop - It installed fine on a desktop PC but on the laptop I get

The SQL Server System Configuration Checker cannot be executed due to WMI configuration on the machine JBXEL Error:2147749896 (0x80041008).

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=20476&ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&ProdVer=9.00.1399.06&EvtSrc=setup.rll&EvtID=70342
(No answers on this link!)

I Have spent the last week Googling this and have tried everything to fix it bar re-install Windows (XPPro SP2)
I have run bat scripts, re-reged dlls and .exe files and much more but to no avail.

One poster mentioned that in his case it was something to do with the windows firewall.
I notice that under the advanced tab in my wirewall dialogue it says that the local connection is corrupt (or something similar)
Could this be part of the problem?

All help gratefully received.


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That's because your OS's WMI configuration is not in a state that setup needs. If your still having this issue, let me know and I'll reply back with some steps to try to fix it.

Please goto Run>Services.msc>Restart / Start  WMI Services.

If it prompts for the error message, please get back to us with the exact  error message.

Gopal Krishna K
AndyinJapanAuthor Commented:
Dear Gopal,

Many thanks for the reply.

I have restarted the services with no errors.

If you could give me some steps to try that would be great.


AndyinJapanAuthor Commented:

I have upped the points as getting desperate now - I don't really want to reload XP if at all possible!

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Please try the document that is realted to WMI. This is pretty sure some thing related to the WMI services. bez most of the tech forum has provided the same solutions and its worked. Try this document and let me know if issue is resolved.


Good luck

Gopal Krishna K
AndyinJapanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gopal.

No luck I'm afraid

Running wmimgmt.msc gives me

Failed to connect to <local computer> because Win32: invalid access to memory location
Any ideas?


AndyinJapanAuthor Commented:
Fixed it!
1 whole week of agony; but you know sometimes when you post for help, you end up fixing it!

The fix was... - if another victim comes here:-

ReInstall XP Pro SP2 over itself
Run the following as batch file.

@echo on
cd /d c:\temp
if not exist %windir%\system32\wbem goto TryInstall
cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem
net stop winmgmt
winmgmt /kill
if exist Rep_bak rd Rep_bak /s /q
rename Repository Rep_bak
for %%i in (*.dll) do RegSvr32 -s %%i
for %%i in (*.exe) do call :FixSrv %%i
for %%i in (*.mof,*.mfl) do Mofcomp %%i
net start winmgmt
goto End

if /I (%1) == (wbemcntl.exe) goto SkipSrv
if /I (%1) == (wbemtest.exe) goto SkipSrv
if /I (%1) == (mofcomp.exe) goto SkipSrv
%1 /RegServer

goto End

if not exist wmicore.exe goto End
wmicore /s
net start winmgmt


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