Dual Boot to Linspire & Mepis. Both are installed/working on 2 separate drives, but Boot to OS screen flashes by- NO CHOICE

Posted on 2006-10-24
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I can't remember the keyboard key to hold a screen.
I think there is a key that will allow me to choice the OS to
boot to from my dual OS: Linspire on Primary C Drive &
Mepis 6 on the second Drive D.
The screen to choose flashes by, so Linspire boots.

Previous to this OS setup, I dual booted to either Windows ME
or Mepis 6 on 2 drives. There was no problem choising the OS to boot to.
Mepis was the screen to make that choice.
I exchanged that primary C drive (Win ME)
with a different drive to install Linspire.

1.Maybe the MBR is screwed up now?

2.Maybe I have to re-install Mepis to get it to allow a dual boot choice?

3. Maybe it's just a matter of slowing that boot screen with a keyboard hit?

4. I will just save that Win ME drive & use the 2 Linux drives, so your comments should
address those 2 drives. Also note4, the BIOS is skimpy/few options, so there is no setting
for slow/fast boot, no setting for a logo screen, etc. It's a Dell Optiplex GX110, used for testing
OS purposes (gads my personal PC is a "super PC" & it's a M/S OS), as this is almost 2007.

Thank you,

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Expert Comment

ID: 17804434
Your MBR is fine.  I have heard that Linspire doesn't always play nicely with other Linux distros.  If you re-install Mepsis, it should work, but Linspire might break your boot setup again when you update it.  I know I have a how-to somewhere that explains how to get it to cooperate.  I'll post back if I find it.

Author Comment

ID: 17806116
I tried to edit the MBR in Mepis, with bad results;
then tried same with Linspire, with bad results;
(first time really editing these OS)
removed the 2 drives (Win ME & Mepis);

tried to QPartion Linspire on a single drive, but that didn't work
(probably due to some files already on disk 3MB); should've left it
in system to format it from another OS.

so did a full installed Linspire, which I like better anyway.

I'll start over on the dual boot with another PC sometime with Mepis
on drive 1 (C) & Linspire on another drive & see if they can

Remember: Mepis & Win ME did dual boot with no problems.

Mepis Support site is better than Linspire.
When you search Linspire, it posts many posts & not
the specific one.

I'll leave this query open for a while.

Accepted Solution

slow1000 earned 250 total points
ID: 17808058
If you want to try it again, I would try Mepsis after you install Linspire.  My point before was that Linspire has not had a good record of working well with other Linux distros (doesn't recognize them and create boot records for them, although it does well with Windows).  Mepsis will be less likely to miss the Linspire install, so you should install that afterwards.
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Author Comment

ID: 17808396
Hi Slow,
I think you are on to the working solution.

I'll try it out.
If correct, I'll definitely post it on both Linux OS Forums
(& give you some credit), other than an archive here on E-E.
Why? Because, each distro thinks it is the optimum flavor,
whereas, the User should be making that decision on a
trial basis, ie. try them both out.
Ratings are that Linspire & Mepis 6 are "neck n'neck" as to "best" for
the User who wants to not pay $200.-$300. for Vista.
The "other" category is Ubuntu, which is mostly for the "Advanced" Linux user.
(I tried that one too). Ubuntu's desktop is sooo simple, but it is the tip of the
iceburg, with too much config. to use without a steep learning curve.

Linux is gaining installs worldwide.
But I doubt that those hand cranked-powered,
MIT/African laptops will initially dual-boot. lol

Be back with the "Bill Gates Prize" $, for another
gain in Linux oepration gains.

Author Comment

ID: 17808946
Hi Slow,
Here is the definitive link to "how to dual boot Mepis 6 & Linspire 5.1.147:.

It's linked to the Mepis Lovers Forun site.

It's totaly detailed.
I'm not that proficient to go thru completing the task,  all over again,
but may in the future, just to feel "Advanced", having done it to operational status.

Here's the link.

Since I answered my own question/issue,
I'll reward you for your effort. I have more time, as
I'm 66 & retired.
Thanks, Jim

Author Comment

ID: 17808966
I should've pointed out that the Mepis Forum Expert did agree with you:
to install Mepis AFTER Linspire, then use the edit to the bootloader file
under Linspire, which was installed first & thus the changes are made to it's
bootloader file (MBR) to recognize Mepis.
He agreed that Linspire is less friendly to dual boot.
(But he's a Mepis guy).


Expert Comment

ID: 17809290
Thanks for the points.  I'm not quite sure why the Linspire folks were not more considerate of users who have other Linux distros.  I know they've improved it some since they were Lindows, but still . . .   I looked at the how-to link, and it seemed to be similar to the how-to I can't find, although yours is updated (it was even more complicated before, since you had to stop Linspire from overwriting the other distro's setup).

Since you mention the One Laptop per Child Project, you're right those laptops won't dual boot, they'll be running a customized Linux distro.  That's why Gates won't be signing on to the project anytime soon.

Have fun with your Linux projects.  I wish I had more time to mess with it, but I hopefully will with my next job . . . although I shouldn't be too optimistic.  For now, I'll just stick with my random virtual machines and my Fedora desktop.


Author Comment

ID: 17812257
Hi Sam,
Thanks for the feedback.

Just one more thought/question:

Is it "ethical" or appropriate to place that Mepis Forum link
on the Linspire Forum site re. the issue of the dual-boot?

I'm sort of newbie to Forums.


Expert Comment

ID: 17813131
I don't think it would be a problem if you link it.  You might want to cite it if you copy a verbatim copy to the other site (probably better method to avoid broken links, in case the Mepsis forum gets changed).  Knowledge tends to be incrementally acquired, especially when working with Linux, so the more you can do to help other people, the better.

Author Comment

ID: 17813490
OK I got it.

Right now my marriage is faltering,
so Linux is not a priority.

My best to you & tahnks for your caring to help others.

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