Flash files on Scorm 1.2 LMS

I've got a project to do, I've got to create a learning module to sit on a Scorm compliant LMS system.

They have a load of flash based stuff allready, is it easy to make this compliant and will it run on an LMS?

Or do I go for something like Authorware or Captivate?

Basically I've got to have flash style navigation and voice over, a series of animations and quiz units, so I expect SWF would be the output of choice, or do you just embed swf files into HTML?

Any ideas, anyone got any experience creating LMS modules and can offer me any advice?
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blue-genieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi, do u have the flash files (flas) or just the swf files.
what you can do is export it with FS Scorm.
u then need to use javascript of FSCommand to communicate with the SCORM API for the mandatory commands such as API.LMSIntialize();

here's some interesting basic stuff.

Colly321Author Commented:
Yeah I have the origination flash files, and work in flash 8.

Ideally I would like to stick with flash because I know what I am doing, I'll have a read of that link but I'm assuming you just pass relevant data through fsCommand to the Scorm API then?
yup, the mandatory stuff that's listed at that link, and any other data you want such as scores, user names etc.
it's not that difficult really :-) just sounds scary.
may i ask which LMS you are using?

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Colly321Author Commented:
No idea yet, the client are currently getting stuff together but I want to try and get to grips with what I'm doing. They have said they need it Scorm 1.2 compliant. Pressumably there will be an environment I can download to test it within.

It looks bloody scary but now I've been reading into it, it just looks like I need to connect my swf to the api, pass any relevant info to the api and then disconnect.

Maybe I'm thinking this is harder than it actually is...
Colly321Author Commented:
Just found out its SABA
yeah it ain't bad, if you go to the adl.org website you can run the content compliancy test there.
Colly321Author Commented:
Cheers Genie, I will no-doubt be pestering you for more advice when the project gets underway!
NP, will help if i can. When I started on the whole SCORM thing i thought it was a nasty dragon with PMS, now i realise its just a fluffy li'l puppy.
PS - Tell them to use a LMS called Construct LMS :-) (Bit of advertising there)

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