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I purchased a sql license off of ebay.  The person sent me a printout from Microsoft eOpen that looks like a completed transfer request along with software cds.  When I go to eopen and put in the Authorization number and license number I get the following (with license and my info removed):

Authorization  1327xxxxxxx   License  135xxxxx
  Status  Expired   Customer  Fourthstage Technologies Inc.  
  Order Date  2001-03-30    Online Acceptance By      Address  2101 Gateway Centre Blvd,

  Online Acceptance Date          
  Reseller  MEDIA SOLUTIONS      
  Program  Corporate      
  Pool Not Applicable      
  Level  No Level      
Product Description Version Quantity SKU
Microsoft® SQL Server Standard Edition 2000 English OPEN No Level 2000 1  228-00782

Volume License Product Key  
Product Group License Key  Key Type
This agreement does not include product(s) with Volume License Product Keys.

The disks they sent me are from Microsoft licensing and look legit but the transfer request is what looks fishy.  Outside of there being no other contact information or transaction ID's the sku number does not match.  Personally I think they sold me an expired license or doctored the transfer request.  I'd love to be wrong.  Anyway what can I do to check this?  I've looked all over the websites for numbers to call and have sent requests to microsoft esupport with no response.  If this is indeed fake can I report these guys?  Little help please :)
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jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Mate i found something that you might have skipped on the license agreement.

"from microsoft"
5.             When affiliates may submit orders under an existing authorization number.  Any affiliate organized and operated under the laws of a country within an originating customer’s defined region may share that originating customer’s authorization number for purposes of ordering licenses under the Microsoft Open License program at the price level for which the originating customer qualifies.  Affiliates using an originating customer’s authorization number must (i) order only from the product pool(s) covered by such authorization number; (ii) place all orders through resellers in their own countries; and (iii)  place all orders prior to the expiration of such authorization number.  We will not reject any orders unreasonably.  



6.             Transferring licenses.  


How to transfer.  You may transfer the licenses and Software Assurance coverage identified in the online records to a single individual or legal entity only if: (i) such transfer includes all licenses and Software Assurance coverage issued in connection with the initial purchase order and any subsequent purchase order placed under the authorization number, and the right to acquire additional licenses in the future under the authorization number; (ii) you provide to the transferee, and the transferee accepts in writing, the terms of this agreement (including, without limitation, applicable product use rights, use restrictions, limitations on liability and the transfer restrictions of this section 6); and (iii) we receive written notice of such transfer on a form that we provide within 30 days of the date of transfer.  Any transfer made in violation of the requirements or restrictions in this section will be void

"place all orders prior to the expiration of such authorization number" <<<<<<It looks like you can purchase this license also "we receive written notice of such transfer on a form that we provide within 30 days of the date of transfer"
"Status  Expired" this should have not been experied unless they gave you the wrong information i would contact them and ask if perhaps they sent you the wrong information....if they do not womply with the part of the deal then report them to ebay i think that all purchases are guaranteed
blaze2342Author Commented:
The end date has passed on that license so I wonder if that is triggering the expired.  I don't think licenses expire but what do I know.  

From eOpen Help pages:

22. What does end date mean?

This is the last day for you to place orders under this particular authorization number. It is also the end date for any Upgrade Advantage coverage purchased under this authorization number. Note: Your right to run products for which you have received licenses is perpetual, as long as these products are used only as permitted in your Open License agreement.
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blaze2342Author Commented:
So perhaps its the authorization number that has expired.  
Can you quiery by license instead of by authorization....

Im looking for my open lincese stuff i know is somewhere as soon as i find it ill let you know what it says.. also im having trouble accessing the eopen site...i was able to navigate and log in but now is not coming up.
blaze2342Author Commented:
The eopen site wants both to pull up the information.   The site is working fine for me.
sorry im having issues with IE7 on Vista....i will reply later.
im sorry i meant it looks like you cant purchase this license because is expired
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