VMWare Locking Up System for 4-5 seconds

I'm currently running VMWare on three seperate systems.  On two of them, it works wonderfullly.  On the third (the one with the most CPU and RAM) it locks the system base sytem up for 4-5 seconds every 2 minutes or so.  I uninstalled it, the problem went away.  When I re-installed it, the problem came back.  All three systems are running Windows XP as the base system.  Any thoughts on why this is occuring?

I should mention, this occurs whether VMWare is actively running or not (it's always running something in the background, but it happens whether I have the program started or not).
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Check your Network connection for VMware or disable all startup for VMware for MSconfig .
and start it manually . make sure your VMware connection set as HOST & GEUST Network .
Is there a CD in the drive on the system in question?  I've seen vmware workstation hang the host OS briefly
when accessing a cd drive.
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
There's no CD in the drive.

How do you make sure your VMWare connection is setup has host/guest?  The odd thing is is that when this is on my machine it locks up for 4/5 seconds at a time but the task manager doesn't even register a CPU spike... it's like it locks the whole system up so it can't even register it.  I've uninstalled VMWare and re-installed it and when I re-installed the same problem came back (this only affects one of my workstations though... my main work computer unfortunately).
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IUFITSAuthor Commented:
I found the issue.  I'm running two video cards for two monitors.  When I disabled the second video card, the problem went away.  The odd thing is, I wasn't even running a VM and I'd still have the problem (though, the VM services were still running).  For whatever reason, the second video card coupled with VMWare was what was causing the host system to lock up.

Guess I have to give up that second monitor or see if another newer video card would work (the second card I'm using was spare hardware from an older machine).
Try This link

or visite the vmware discussion form from the link below /
you can ask from the experts which are located in the vmware website


Good Luck,
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
Jalilthe1, the Internet's a small place apparantly, that was me that posted that thread there.  ;)
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
I still appear to be having the issues.  I've noticed that it happens a lot when I'm using files that reside on a network drive... is it possible that the services that VMWare sets up to delegate traffic are causing the lockups when network drive resources are accessed (which on my work workstation would be very frequent... I have a program that runs off of a network drive that runs a sub procedure ever minute to minute and a half which is about the time interval that's causing my problem).

VMWare vs. Networked drive, thoughts?
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
I don't know why the issue is occuring, but I found that if I disabled the VMWare Adapters in the network settings all my problems went away... now I just have to start them manually before I use VMWare and shut them off afterwards to stop the hanging up... this has worked well for a week so I've found the culprit... I just don't know why it's happening or how to properly fix it.
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
I think CSecurity may have been telling me to check the adapters with "Check your Network connection for VMware" though I misinterrpreted it.  I'm going to accept his answer since I believe he was trying to tell me what I eventually ended up having to do to fix it.  
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