Photoshop / wall street journal pointed image effect

does anyone know how to create the effect of the headshots in the Wall Street Journal in Photoshop?
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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem with using software to create this look is that the artist draws contour lines representing three dimensional space that comes from his knowledge of the actual shape of the object (in this case, a human head and shoulders) Software cannot duplicate this because it cannot gather this information from a two dimensional picture.

The same way a 3D modeling program cannot generate a finished 3D model based on a single photo.

As camelbreath stated, Andromeda Software has both a Cutline filter tool and an Etchtone filter tool that has tools that gives you limited control over the direction of the lines. I have used them on several occasions with mixed results. Also, it seems that Andromeda doesn't offer free download tryouts anymore, and it’s hard to find the individual filters on their website:

Off and on, I've played with trying to get the effect using illustrator and custom brushes, but in the end, it's just easier to get out the pen, ink, and white opaque. (I print the image, then place a sheet of velum over it and draw away) I then go into illustrator and clean it up.

Best of luck,

David B

can you post a link or an image?
While you might be able to make something similar with photoshop filters, those portraits are all hand drawn ... not converted from pictures....

If you want to try to achieve something similar ... I would start by converting the image to black and white, and then maybe the 'Sketch' or 'Grain' filter


PS... Examples:
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Thanks Arglbat, I was wondering what could be so special about pictures in the Wall Street Journal (which I don't have access to).

This is a perennial question in PS boards and I've never seen a definitive answer. Adobe Studio Exchange has some sketch filters available free. Also Andromeda has some etch type filters that will get you headed in the right direction. Bottom line, at lot of folks have tried to figure out how theuy do it, but I've never seen a successful effort.
David BruggeCommented:
If you want to see how the Wall Street Journal does it, go here:
What a great pearl of information. And you are right, there is no software to replicate that technique. If there were, you would probably have to mortgage your house and cars to buy it. So NN is safe.
Thanks for the info,
I have been wondering how that was done for years, thinking that it was digital. What silly fools we mortals are.
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