Advanced Broadcasting Question... Is it possible to send a encrypted or not encrypted text behind DVB data?


Assume I'm a TV channel and I'm broadcasting video... Is it possible for me to send text behind the video data? If yes is there any software that do this? What this technology called?

I know stenography... but it is for image (bmp / jpg)...

Thanks from now!
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Hmmm... it's like a cable modem. You can send any data you want - you just need to be looking for it on the other end.
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
I know... I can send all kind of data even not meaning data... But I want to know is it possible to hide text or any other kind of data behind video data?
Could you use subtitles?
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CSecurityAuthor Commented:
How? What's that?

I saw somewhere that they used an algorithm for hiding and encrypting data behind MPEG-2 format...

My output is MPEG-2 too... Do you guys know any software for encrypting and hiding data behind MPEG-2 Format?
I "think" CSeurity is asking about video watermarks. I'm not talking about the visible logos present in tv/cable broadcasts but embedded/encrypted data in compressed video streams used primarily for ID purposes.

It is viable to embed any type of data in a video stream in theory. I don't personally know of any commercial software that will allow the average consumer to perform this type of watermarking. Most of the info found via Google seems to be academia/research specific.

Hope this helps.
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot VerifyMe!

If you find a detector for me, you GOT all the points and one more 500+ points extra!

I want a software that can get video broadcast of a channel (via satellite) and detect data to watermark or any other technology it's called!

Just it should tell me is there any hidden data behind this TV broadcast or no?

I need it!

Thanks alot!
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
By the way Data format is MPEG-2
Here you go.


The private edition is $499. Supports MPEG-2. Reasonable I think.

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CSecurityAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot! My friend... If you got any other links let me know please...
Thanks alot anyway!
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
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