Is it possible to run BES Express on XP Pro?

I know, i know.. .. its not "reccomended" by rim, however is it possible??.

I support lots of small offices with SBS2003.

One client in particular got free BES express software with 1 x blackberry handset.

He has a SBS 2003 standard server with 3 users. There is already a msde db running on the server, so i thought it safer to leave the current msde on the server alone, and run bes express on a spare xp pro box.

Has anyone else managed to get it working on XP Pro?. It only needs to serve 1 x blackberry device, purchasing a new ms server standard license would be a complete overkill for such a small company.

many thanks
kjit sydney australia
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
The services require to run BES don't all work with Windows XP so the simple answer is No.

You can run BES on the SBS box but it isn't recommended but it does work fine.  I have a about 70 customers running BES this way as they can't afford or justify another server licence.

For local support in Australia your best option is to talk with the guys at as they can even call you and give you free support (Just PM the mods).
wilsonkjitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply Gary,
Do you happen to know what services it needs that XP Pro doesnt have?? (I only ask as I need to report back to someone else on this).

Re. Installing directly on the SBS2003 server, I grateful for your opinion, but a little worried the BES install might stuff up an existing MSDE instance running called Coin (financial planning vendor database).

Do you think the BES install will create its own instance without affecting the other?

PS - huge thanks for one of your previous reply's called "Gary's BB 4.1 install guide for exchange", that was a very helpful doc, hats off to ya.
Cheers again,
Sydney Aus

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
I believe it's the BlackBerry Router service that doesn't run on XP.  What you can do is install BES on the SBS box but when asked which server the MSDE is located you can point that to the MSDE on the XP box.  Just remember that that XP box will be a critical part of the BES as the system uses that database for almost all functions on the server.  BES normally shares MSDE very well so I don't believe there will be an issue, even named instances are OK with BES 4.1.2.
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wilsonkjitAuthor Commented:
Im sold on your reccomendation of sticking it on the sbs2003 machine.

This does take me away from your install notes a little....

I assume you still logon to the DC and install BES as the service account besadmin, but alas he will need more rights than domain users now we are installing directly on the domain controller. Im sure you had a good reason not to make the besadmin account a domain admin for your previous install notes, but i think im going to have to break that rule now?.

this bes software is a bit of a minefield.. Thanks for guiding me thru it
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
The only difference with permissions is that when adding BESadmin to the local administrators group you do it in Active Directory via the group in "Built-in".  Also when setting the local security settings you go into "Domain Controller Security Policy" instead of "Local Security Policy".  You still don't need to make BESadmin a Domain Admin as making it a local administrator and setting BESadmin to "Log on locally" and "Log on as Service" will do the trick.

Just remember you will have to restart the SBS server during the install so keep that in mind.

wilsonkjitAuthor Commented:
mate.. you definately know your stuff.. thanks a bunch.

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
No probs, I had a guy from BB forums Australia reply to your PM so you can get some free phone support.
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